How I’m Combatting Stress As A Creator with a 9-5 Job

By DeAndrea
combatting stress as a creator with a full-time job

Do you ever feel like you’re being pressured to finish a hundred different things with too little time? Have you ever wanted to just throw all of your responsibilities onto someone else even just for a day so you could relax? If so, you’re not alone. This is common for a lot of us creators, writers, influencers, tastemakers, and anyone with a side hustle. We have so many things on our plates (often too many things) and there is always another thing we need to do or learn how to do. And don’t even get me started on algorithm changes! On top of all of that, we are also responsible for the demands of our full-time jobs. Managing so many responsibilities will ultimately lead to stress–and that’s never a good thing to experience. Here are some ways I’m able to keep that stress at bay.

Find a Support System

It would be AMAZING to have the income to hire an assistant, but that’s not my reality right now. The most basic thing I’ve done is find a few people who will be a listening ear and offer encouragement. Some of them will even cook me meals and clean the house for free! Shoutout to The Mister™for those. I know everyone doesn’t have a significant other, but you probably know other creators. They might not be people that you know in real life, but you can start to build connections with people who are experiencing the same highs and lows as you. There are plenty of people who actually want to support you–be it family members, friends, or even colleagues at work. You just have to be vulnerable about your struggles. You may be surprised who is willing to lend you an ear, or even better…a hand.

I’ve found community and support in lots of places from Facebook groups to Instagram DMs. I’m also working on setting the right vibe on Substack and maybe on Threads too, which brings me to my next tip.

Learn to Say “No”

One of the most useful skills to develop is the art of saying “no”. I know you want to do it all in hopes of being able to turn your creator side hustle into a full-time thing, but saying yes to everything is a bullet train to burnout. Yes, even at your 9-5 job. You want to say yes to every opportunity with the hope of making more money for whatever reason you’re clinging to, but it’s important to recognize when you should say no. Your time is limited and you need time to recharge. If you’re constantly trying to build and create you will run out of energy. If someone is adding another responsibility to your plate (even if that person is you) say no. Either that or decide what thing you’re giving up in exchange for saying yes. Taking on extra commitment and making more promises only piles up the stress.

Self-Care is Key

The importance of self-care has been watered down because it’s so prevalent, but true self-care is vital. There are multiple ways to make sure you’re filling your cup. Some people like getting massages or visiting a spa, but if you’re trying to avoid spending a lot of money (I’m raising my hand), taking a walk, reading a book, or catching up with friends and family could work too. If you want the spa vibes without spending spa money, using products like CBD oil or aromatherapy candles and lotions could help you relax. I enjoy listening to my curated rage playlist or lifting weights to let off some steam with an aromatherapy candle burning. To each their own.

It’s important to eat well. I know take out or popping a frozen pizza in the oven is easy, but a bad diet will eventually catch up to you. Also, making time to move your body will help you feel better and more energized. You don’t have to lift weights while listening to Rico Nasty, but make sure you’re prioritizing taking care of your physical self just as much as your mental.

Simplify What You Can

Decision-making fatigue is real. By simplifying various tasks and cutting down on the amount of decisions and actions you have to take each day, you can drastically reduce the amount of stress that you face. This could be planning your outfits for the week at once so you don’t have to decide each day, paying a house cleaner or dog walker, or even trimming back on tasks that don’t have a good return on investment. It could even mean finally upgrading to a paid version of a tool you’ve been using to improve your workflow. Anything that will reduce the number of things you have to do, how much time it takes to do them, or how much mental energy you have to use competing tasks is a worthwhile investment.


I know it can feel difficult and daunting to roll with the punches of balancing creating with a full-time job, but I’ve seen what comes from sticking it out and finding your lane. Being able to financially support yourself through something that brings you joy is a wonderful thing. Keep going. You never know when you’ll finally get the break you needed reach your goal. Maintainable success is often a very slow game. Focus on staying healthy and maintaining realistic expectations of what you can and can’t achieve. I hope these tips help!

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