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How To Know You Need A Self-Care Day & What To Do About It

need a self care day? how to know

It is very easy to fall into the trap of overworking. If you are doing your best to show up at your best in all aspects of life something is bound to be lacking at some point. You are not superwoman. For most of us ladies, it is our me-time that gets sacrificed first. We feel compelled to support and show up for others and that makes us feel selfish when we need a self-care day to show up for ourselves. It can feel irresponsible to take time to fill our own cups when others are depending on or looking to us to get things done.

How Easy It Is To Neglect Self-Care

As I am striving toward traditional work being optional, I get overwhelmed with the number of things that need doing. I have a long list of priorities and deadlines for my day job and for the many other things I am working on. As a result, I often forget to practice what I preach about consistent self-care because I am laser-focused on no longer needing my job and getting 45+ hours of my time back each week. I keep forcing myself to produce for all of my projects even when I know I should take a break.

Ideally, I would make time daily to unwind and fill my cup, but I am currently very bad at making that happen. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. These are ways that you take care of yourself when you need a self-care day.

what to do when you need a selfcare day

What To Do When You Need A Self-Care Day

Clear Your Calendar

Most recently, I was going through my morning routine because it usually makes me feel ready to take on the day but on this particular day, something felt very off. I wasn’t performing well in my language lesson and it brought me to the brink of tears. That moment made me realize I had been working too hard, trying to check everything off of my to-do list. I cleared my calendar for that entire day. I moved everything I had planned and committed to. If I can’t show up at my best for myself, I can’t do that for other people. I promise everything can wait. If anyone has a problem with that they don’t care about you and you should use that intel to inform your next move. Do not stick around where you are not valued.

Get Off Of Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. are excellent ways to waste your time and make yourself feel like you are missing out or doing life wrong. However, they are not all bad. Through social media, I have met some amazing people, found excellent resources, and gotten some useful tips. But, when you are already off balance seeking comfort in these places can make you feel worse. Everyone is posting their best on social media and that’s all you will see when you are feeling your worst. Take a break until you are ready to jump back in.

Consider What Makes You Feel Most Yourself

A clear sign of needing a day to care for yourself is feeling disconnected from who you are. Think about what things make you feel most at home with yourself and d do those things. For example, I am most comfortable in my skin when my space is clean, I have quiet time to myself, and I put effort into my appearance. When I take a self-care day, I clean or organize something, spend time alone in the quiet with a candle, and beautify myself. Consider what makes you feel at your best and do those things.

Go For A Walk In Nature

I have been very fortunate to have always had access to nature. Leaving work at home and walking through the woods or a garden helps your body and mind reset and rejuvenate. Walking is a great way to get your body moving without doing traditional exercise and we all know exercise is good for us. Take a 30-minute walk to clear your head. Go longer if you want to.

Taking A Break Will Not Derail You

Taking a break does not mean your goals are on hold. Your momentum is still carrying you. After your self-care day, you come back to your work feeling refreshed and ready to make things happen. You will have more and better ideas to bring to the table or feel more like who you intend to be. Consequently, that means your effort will have better results than if you had chosen to power through your potential burnout.

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