Change your Thoughts. Change your Habits. Change your Life.

We are a different kind of women’s lifestyle brand. While we don’t claim to be fashion experts or a dedicated fashion site, we believe that your outward personal style should authentically represent your inner self. We aren’t professional interior designers, but we understand the significance and impact of crafting an environment that provides solace and refuge from the outside world. We aren’t licensed aestheticians, but we know how much great skin can boost your confidence. And though we are not therapists, we appreciate and acknowledge how your feelings, thoughts, choices, and actions affect your entire life.

While we may lack formal professional degrees or credentials, we make up for it with valuable life experiences and hard-won wisdom through trial and error. Our purpose is to foster a sense of community, share our experiences, and offer support to women navigating different aspects of becoming and showing up as their truest selves. We strive to tell stories that are not only desired but also necessary for our personal growth and understanding.

If you want to know how to create an extraordinary life that you love living — one with more adventure, more money, more love, more of the good stuff — your search is over. The Lady Loves Living is your answer.



I started The Lady Loves Living in 2021 as a way to hold myself accountable to my personal growth goals. I had accomplished a reasonable level of what I thought was success and wondered why I still felt unhappy. I was – and still am – very grateful for what I had, but there was still a nagging sense of dread I couldn’t get rid of. I wanted to feel more expansive, magnetic, lighter, and more free. I wanted to fall in love with my life.