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Women Who Smell Good Don’t Do These Things

By DeAndrea Douglas
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You have to admit that there is something captivating about a person who smells good. Whether they are in your friend group, someone you know at work, or even a family member — when they walk by you take notice.

Women who smell good make heads turn. You can tell that these kinds of women take care of themselves. Smelling amazing every day isn’t something you just happen to do. It takes effort and the effort is well worth it to become one of these kinds of women.

It’s not just perfume that makes a woman smell fantastic. There are a few things that she does to make sure she smells good all the time, but there are also things she doesn’t. These are some things she doesn’t do to make sure she smells her best all the time.

woman on red couch rubbing lotion on dry skin

They Don’t Have Dry Skin

Women who smell good all the time are never ashy and I mean never. If you want your perfume to last it has to have something to stick to and dry skin is not that. Perfume lingers longer on skin that is hydrated and well moisturized. That’s why applying lotion or body butter and then fragrance directly after a shower makes your scent last longer than spraying on dry skin.

They Don’t Spray Perfume Haphazardly

You might think that spraying perfume all over your body is necessary for it to last longer, but that’s not true. The best places to spray your perfume are on the back of your knees, your wrists, the middle of your chest, the sides of your neck, and the inside of your elbows. Spraying on these points will give your fragrance more staying power and help you smell nice all day long.

Also, don’t crush your perfume by rubbing it in. Spray it and allow it to settle on your skin. This lets it dry down the way the perfumier intended it to and won’t distort the scent.

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They Don’t Shower Only Once Per Day

Daily showering is a given for women who smell good, but those who take smelling scrumptious to an elite level bathe twice per day. A morning shower is great to wake you up and wash off any sweat and dead skin that may have accumulated on your body overnight. You’ll not only smell fresher but look fresher too and your skin will have a clean slate for your perfume.

An evening shower will wash the day off so you’re not sleeping in the day’s sweat and grime. Plus, it will help wash off any lingering trace of your fragrance of the day to make way for an evening fragrance if you want to wear one.

They Don’t Leave Smelling Good To Chance

Picture this; you’ve just had a wonderful lunch date with your best friend at an Italian restaurant where the garlic bread was phenomenal. On your way out you accidentally drop your keys and a very handsome man picks them up for you. As you’re saying thank you he wrinkles his nose and backs away a bit because he can smell how much garlic you’ve had. No bueno! Don’t leave fresh breath to chance. Always have mints handy to tackle halitosis.

It’s also not a bad idea to have a travel size of your scent of the day in a refillable perfume atomizer so you can reapply to freshen up. You never know what your day is going to bring so it’s best to be prepared.

perfume collection of ornate glass bottles

They Don’t Keep Fragrances They Don’t Like

Beautiful packaging can lure even the most savvy of us into buying something, but just because you bought something doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Many perfumes that sound amazing aren’t carried in a store nearby or at all. In those cases, we can’t stop by for a sniff and maybe a sample so we have to buy it blindly, hoping that we like how it smells.

It’s not always love at first spritz. Sometimes you have to wear a fragrance once or twice to decide if you like it. If you don’t like it on the third wear it’s time to get rid of it. Give it to a friend, coworker, or anyone else who is happy to take it off your hands. It is just taking up storage space if you’re not excited to wear it.

They Don’t Neglect Their Clothes

Smelling good isn’t only about what you put on your skin. Your clothes need to smell fresh and clean too, but not so strong that it’s overpowering and clashing with your perfume. Make sure you’re washing your clothes with a fabric conditioner or freshener. (I’ve used both of those linked and even my gym clothes smell super fresh.)

Also, it’s good to let your closet air out occasionally. That way the air will circulate among your clothes and shoes helping them smell fresher. If you’ve ever smelt any room that’s been closed up for a long period of time you know how stale and slightly musty it gets. It’s not pleasant. Don’t let that happen to your clothes.

As with most things that are worthwhile in life, smelling good all the time takes effort. I can promise you that the effort is worth it to always smell nice. Even if no one is around you all day you can smell yourself and you are worth the effort for that reason alone.

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