spring and summer fragrances
Perfume & Fragrance

Scents I’m Wearing to Smell Ambrosial this Spring and Summer

The proverbial advice used to be to find a signature scent and stick to it so people would associate you ...
beauty I just bought

All The Beauty I Just Bought at the Sephora Sale

It’s that wonderful time of year when all the luxury beauty you’ve been eyeing feels a little more attainable. Welcome ...
2024 makeup trends
Beauty, Makeup

Easy Makeup Trends I’m Into in 2024

After March 2020 I pretty much stopped wearing and playing with makeup. I was home all the time and stopped ...
everything shower routine
Personal Care

My Current Everything Shower Routine for Soft, Glowing Skin

Because sometimes a regular shower won't do.
popular skincare acids and how they work

Popular Skincare Acids and How They Work To Give You Clear Skin

I’ve had a pretty solid skincare routine for a few years. I rarely have a break out that can’t be ...
what are the best acids to treat acne

The Best Acids to Treat Acne

Acne, the pesky skin condition that affects millions of people every year. We’ve all been there – trying every product ...
winter nail colors

We Need To Talk About These Winter Nail Colors

After a few years at the salon, I’ve gone back to doing my nails at home. It’s more convenient, costs ...
perfumes for autumn
Perfume & Fragrance

3 Swoon-Worthy Perfumes for Autumn

Living in south Texas means that we get two seasons: hot and not as hot. That doesn’t stop me from ...
dior lip oil dupes

The $8 Drugstore Dior Lip Oil Dupe You Need To Know About

I’ve cut down on how much makeup I wear over the years because I chose to invest in my skincare ...
what are niche fragrances
Perfume & Fragrance

What Are Niche Fragrances?

If you have been anywhere on social media lately you’ve probably noticed that fragrance is having a moment. I’m not ...
beauty must-haves for a caribbean destination wedding

Beauty Must-Haves For A Caribbean Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are a popular choice for couples who want to combine their special day with a dream vacation. And ...
beauty treatments you might regret

Beauty Treatments You Might Regret Later In Life

While cosmetic treatments can help enhance your appearance and boost your confidence, it’s important to consider the potential risks and ...
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