The $8 Drugstore Dior Lip Oil Dupe You Need To Know About

By DeAndrea Douglas
dior lip oil dupes

I’ve cut down on how much makeup I wear over the years because I chose to invest in my skincare routine. I have nothing against a full face of makeup, but I don’t want to spend hours doing it because I’m covering up discoloration and masking texture.

On most days I’m only wearing concealer, eyeliner, and mascara so a bold lip looks out of place to me but I still wanted to add a little color to my lips. I’d been seeing the Dior Lip Oil all over the place, but I can’t bring myself to spend $40 on lip gloss at this point in my life. However, I understand the allure of a lip oil because you get the sheen of a loss, the skincare qualities of a balm, and a sheer tint of color. I mean, it checks all of the boxes. What’s not to love besides the price of that one?

I’ve been looking far and wide for a lip oil that I thought I would like not only for its price but also for how it looks and performs because, let me tell you, not all lip oils are created equal. Some are too thick and sticky, and some don’t moisturize or hydrate like you should expect a good lip oil to. And then there are others that don’t have the color payoff I’m looking for and may as well just be a gloss.

best drugstore lip oil

When I saw the e.l.f Glow Reviver Lip Oil come across my screen I knew that was the one I was going to buy. With an $8 price point and the reliability of the e.l.f. brand, I was certain that this one was going to check all of the boxes.

Elf Glow Reviver Lip Oil Review

I haven’t anticipated a beauty order arriving at my doorstep in a long time. My orders have mostly been repurchases and not something brand new to try. When it came I opened it immediately and it was love at first swipe. It’s not sticky at all, made my lips feel soft, and has a slightly minty scent. It reminds me of the Bath & Body Works Mentha lip gloss I used to buy in high school, but not as thick.

dior lip oil dupe

Top to Bottom: Rose Envy // Jam Session // Honey Talks // Red Delicious

The e.l.f. Glow Reviver lip oil delivers just the right amount of color and shine to bring my lips to life without making me feel like I need to put on more makeup to balance it out. I even wear it around the house when I’m not wearing any makeup at all.

The only thing the Dior Lip Oil has over this one is the packaging. The Dior product had better have excellent packaging for that price and to stay on brand so I expected that. However, the packaging of the Glow Reviver is sleek enough to not feel cheap and cute enough that you won’t mind looking at it in your makeup bag.

If you’ve been looking for a lip oil to add to your routine. I recommend this one. I bought the four colors you see here, but if they expand their shade offering I’ll absolutely buy any others that I think will work for me. Grab yours from Ulta Beauty or the e.l.f. website. You won’t regret it.

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