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Easy Makeup Trends I’m Into in 2024

By DeAndrea Douglas
2024 makeup trends

After March 2020 I pretty much stopped wearing and playing with makeup. I was home all the time and stopped caring about how I looked in meetings. That was a travesty for me and my self-esteem took a hit. I started dabbling in makeup again about a year ago, but kept doing the same makeup I had been doing before 2020. I noticed a shift in makeup trends so I started looking pretty dated so to get my makeup confidence back I’m playing in makeup again and filming it. *Gasp!* I know, that’s pretty bold, but there’s beauty in not getting it right but posting it anyway. We are our own worst critic after all. These are the makeup trends I’ll be diving head-first into this year.

Monochrome Makeup

Applying the same color to different areas of your face is an easy way to get a cohesive makeup look, with no color theory skills necessary. So far I’ve liked to keep it understated by matching my lip gloss to my blush for a soft wash of color, but I may play with more bold looks as I get back into the swing of makeup things.

dior blush

Rosy Glow Blush


dior lip oil

Lip Glow Oil


Bold Liner

Though I’m all for a soft, smudgy liner look for everyday wear, sometimes you want to turn up the drama. I plan to play around with bold liquid liner. I bought this one, took one wipe of it, and gasped. Literally open mouth gasped. I will be working on perfecting feline eyes with this one.

danessa myricks eyeliner

Linework Paintbrush Fluid Liquid Eyeliner


Natural Lashes

As a person who never quite got the hang of false lashes, I’m glad natural lashes are trending. I always thought falsies made my eyes look more closed and smaller. Plus they cast shadows under my eyes making me look tired so I wore a lot of bright highlighter to help combat that. I’ve always preferred piling on mascara and I’ve come across a lash primer that boosts the flutter factor too. Less can indeed be more.

lancome lash primer

Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Primer


Ombre Lips

My lips are my favorite feature so I’m always down to try what’s trending with lip makeup to see if I like it. Ombre lips have always been trendy for me since it’s how I’m able to make my lip looks more “natural” and not like my lips were just slapped on my face. Applying a darker lip liner to the natural curve of my lip line, a lighter lipstick shade in the center, and then blending the two with my finger is all it takes. Making sure not to over-blend so they become one shade is key. I might add a little gloss to the look to give it some extra oomph since glosses are hot right now. When they inevitably are not I’ll go back to wearing this style matte like we did in the 2010s. Then the cycle will repeat. Gotta love trends!

mac lipstick

M·A·Cximal Silky Matte Lipstick


mac lip liner

Lip Liner Pencil


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