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How To Rock Piercings When You’re No Longer A Teen

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In this day and age, it’s no exaggeration to say that everything from ear piercings to more experimental options, like a septum, could be seen as a traditional part of coming of age. After all, isn’t this the best way to shake off the shackles of your childhood and express your style in the most outlandish way possible?

But, when professional adult life calls, most of us remove these piercings in place of a sleeker, less rebellious style overall. Or do we? 

Recent studies reveal that one in ten adults have a non-earlobe piercing (compared to 1 in 4 teenagers) somewhere on their bodies. Of these, naval is the most popular, but nose and tongue aren’t too far behind. The question is, how exactly do these adults manage to keep on rocking their piercings when their teen years are well behind them? 

# 1 – Less is more

Teens will often have competitions with their friends about how many piercings they can get. And, no denying that all of this metal together looks great for that rebellious punk teen vibe. But, when you get older, it’s much harder to pull off multiple piercings both personally and professionally. For obvious reasons, the first step towards rocking piercings when you’re older is therefore to remember that less is always more. For instance, even just piercing your ears can help to set off your outfits and show your style without overkill. Equally, a classic nose piercing can show your punky style edge, without completely ruining your chances of landing a serious career. 

# 2 – Think about styling

Pierced teens will often settle for bold decorative piercing jewelry or just the cheapest stuff they can afford. Those more costume-esque pieces are unlikely to suit you as an adult. Instead, you should think about how you style your piercings. Additions like diamond earrings, or a stylish gold nose ring that works to make you sleek and slightly edgy all at once can work really well for this. It also pays to consider things like pairing piercings with the rest of your outfit, just like you would with any other accessory.

# 3 – Be prepared to remain professional

27% of employers wouldn’t feel comfortable hiring someone with piercings, especially in a role that requires customer-facing professionalism. This figure is even higher for notable facial piercings, like a septum, eyebrow piercing, or lip ring. So, if you’re considering keeping or getting a piercing into adulthood, it’s important to think about how it’ll fit in with work. It may be, for instance, that you opt for something like a navel ring, or even a chest or clavicle piercing that your employer never needs to know about. Equally, something like ear piercings or even a nose piercing is easy to keep subtle with something like a small diamond stud that customers are unlikely to even notice. 

Piercings can be the perfect way to set off your style, no matter your age. Just think about these simple ways to rock piercings well past your teen years. 

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