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Mastering Your Personal Style

By DeAndrea Douglas
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I’ve been on a personal style kick here lately. I’ve been wearing nothing but basics and calling it timeless style. It’s boring, very boring. I decided that I get to have a style that is a better reflection of who I uniquely am, but I had no idea where to start. So I went where anyone looking for an idea goes–Pinterest. While I got a ton of inspiration, I had to figure out how I was going to add my own flavor to what I liked and make it my own.

Finding ways to express our individuality while remaining true to ourselves in personal style and appearance is the Holy Grail for fashion enthusiasts and novices alike. The goal isn’t to mimic someone’s exact outfits, but more to understand the vibe their looks give and find how to master that for yourself. Sometimes this requires mixing disparate elements – an experiment in mixing styles if you will – but can it work successfully?

Knowing Thyself: Foundation of Your Style Blend

Knowing yourself is just like knowing your coffee order, it’s essential. Before beginning to blend your style elements together, take some time to understand exactly which elements you wish to combine. Are you trying to mix business attire with boho chic elements or inject punk rock rebellion into preppy staples? Finding out the core notes of your sartorial harmony will bring peace into the folds of time.

Harmony in Contrast: Mixing Textures and Fabrics

A powerful way to mix styles is through the strategic use of textures and fabrics. Think a silk blouse with leather pants, for example, or an unexpected charm from a lace skirt peeking out from underneath a bomber jacket. Balance is key here – allow one texture to take the lead while another complements, creating a look that sings!

Color Melt Hair: The Fashion Statement of Hair Styling

Though I currently have dreadlocks and love them, I would be remiss not to mention something about a popular hair trend that works for everyone. If I can find someone I trust to dye my locs I might give this technique a try.

In hair styling, mixing different elements together can create stunning results. One such striking technique is color melting. Color melt hair is an artful technique used to effortlessly blend hues, usually starting with darker roots and ending in lighter ends, creating an appealing gradient effect. Color melting provides an elegant way to incorporate vibrant hues or subtle pastels into your hair, matching the mix of styles found in your wardrobe. Whether you desire an eye-catching splash of color to complete an ensemble or prefer more subdued hues, this method allows you to express yourself through your hair by showing your unique style and personality.

Color Me Curious: Playing with Color Palettes

Thought I’m still a huge fan of the neutral color palette for my personal style, experimenting with color palettes is another enjoyable form of exploration when merging disparate fashion styles together. A vibrant array of hues allows the creation of wardrobes to express mood, personality, and creativity in an ensemble. By mixing contrasting colors into your look, you can emphasize its eclectic nature-  such as pairing a vibrant yellow scarf with a deep burgundy dress. Or opt for monochromatic ensembles featuring shades of the same hue to achieve a sophisticated and unifying effect. Ultimately, color palettes provide endless opportunities and allow you to stay true to yourself with every fashion look you try on – guaranteeing that your personal style stays dynamic and uniquely you.

Makeup Mastery 

While you can have amazing personal style without wearing makeup, applying makeup can be the final piece in creating the look you’ve always imagined, providing that crucial finishing touch that ties the whole look together. As with hair styling and fashion, make-up offers an abundance of opportunities to express yourself creatively and personally. Make-up can make a profound statement or subtly enhance your overall aesthetic, from bold red lips and subtle smoky eyes to the natural glow provided by blush. Mastering your favorite makeup looks allows you to not only match your personal style but also experiment with and expand upon it. By understanding the interplay of colors, textures, and finishes, you can create looks as diverse and personal as your fashion preferences.

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Adding the Finishing Touches

Accessories are key elements that can elevate any outfit to something spectacular. From statement necklaces and watches, to vibrant earrings that draw the eye, accessories serve as the finishing touches on any ensemble and help make a fashion statement of their own. Accessories have the ability to convey more than just aesthetic value, they also serve to express who we are as individuals and set the mood of any ensemble. A colorful tote can add a pop of fun to a formal business suit, while an understated leather belt brings harmony to casual looks. When selecting accessories, keep balance and proportion in mind to ensure they complement rather than overshadow your outfit. Sometimes less is more: carefully curated pieces can serve as the finishing touches to your styled narrative.

Confidence Is Key

At the core of it all lies confidence. You want to wear the clothes, not the other way around. Wearing your mixed ensemble with pride transforms it from mere clothing into an expression of your unique personal style. Walking tall while proudly donning your unique combination is key to creating lasting style. Make a statement, and remember that style isn’t about what we wear, but how we carry ourselves in it.

Conclusion: Your Style, Your Rules

Blending styles is more than creating innovative outfits, it’s about expressing the many facets of yourself and your experiences through clothing. It is an artful dance between conformity and rebellion, tradition and innovation. With an eye for balance, some creativity, and plenty of confidence, you can master blending two styles to form something uniquely yours! Remember, in fashion’s grand arena, there are no rules. Your style is your canvas!

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