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3 Swoon-Worthy Perfumes for Autumn

By DeAndrea Douglas
perfumes for autumn

Living in south Texas means that we get two seasons: hot and not as hot. That doesn’t stop me from acting like we get real seasons. One way I help differentiate between the seasons is by switching up the scents I wear. I tend to lean toward woody and spicy scents in the cooler months to lean into the coziness of the season. I’ve been sampling a lot of fragrances throughout this year and I’m looking forward to experiencing some more soon. For now, these are my favorite perfumes for autumn.

Best Perfumes for Autumn

marigela autumn vibes perfume

Autumn Vibes Maison Martin Margiela

Though this is an eau de toilette it’s not light as I expected it to be. It packs a punch for about 2 hours on me and then the scent largely goes away. This I expected and is why I love it. I like it for quick errands and to wear to bed. I have just the travel size for now since it’s my preferred way of testing fragrances. To me, a travel size is the perfect amount to test in multiple situations to see how it wears and if I will like it without having to commit to an expensive full-sized bottle.

This scent is woody, powdery perfection. I am constantly complimented when I wear this and it is one of my favorite perfumes for autumn. I’ve literally been stopped and asked what I’m wearing more than once when I have this on. If you’re down with that kind of attention get this. You won’t regret it.

black phantom kilian paris

Black Phantom Kilian Paris

When I initially got a travel size of this perfume in a set I didn’t think I would like it. I thought it smelled too spicy for me, but I’m glad I gave it another chance. This is a gourmand, woody scent that smells like sexy danger. It also has more than a hint of rum and cyanide accords that make this perfume intoxicating.

I like to wear this one in the daytime and at night. It’s an eau de parfum so the fragrance is reasonably concentrated, but it’s not too overpowering if you’re going to be in close quarters as long as the folks around you like the smell of chocolate and sugar too. I feel like a snack when I wear this.

ebene fume tom ford

Ébène Fumé Tom Ford

The first time I tested this I was not a fan. I smelled it with a nose that wasn’t used to mature fragrances. I’m glad I didn’t give it away because it’s now on my list of fragrances to buy a full-size of. The key notes in this fragrance are palo santo accord, ebony wood accord and rose. It smells woody, ever so slightly smoky, sweetly balsamic, with a dash of leather and rose in the background.

If you like Jazz Club from Margiela think of this like it’s woodier sibling. This isn’t something I’d wear in the daytime. It’s too dense and opulent for errands or work. This scent is for date night, dinner with friends, or a night at the theater. It leans masculine so I like to wear it because it is unexpected. If I want to sweeten it just a tad I mix it with a sprits of Love Don’t Be Shy from Kilian Paris. It has a heavy marshmallow note so it helps it lean into a campfire vibe.

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