Feminine Energy Texts: How To Keep Him Hooked and Hungry for More

By DeAndrea Douglas
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Text messaging is how pretty much every relationship starts in today’s world. When you are working on embodying feminine energy, it is easy to get confused, led astray, or revert to being the pursuer instead of the pursued. The goal of initial texting should be to build intrigue, mystery, and attraction to see if he will take it to the next step. So how do you send feminine energy texts that will have him practically begging for your attention? We are here to help you know how to communicate with feminine energy when you are texting.

Masculine and Feminine Polarity in Texting

At the risk of oversimplifying, the feminine is the receiver and the masculine is the initiator. It is ingrained in our DNA that way over years of evolution and divine creation. If we want to embody feminine energy at the start of a relationship we have to allow the masculine to come to us. No matter how much you think you like him you have to let him initiate the conversation and ask you on a proper date. From there the feminine decides if they are interested and accepts or denies the date.

It is important to keep this polarity in mind throughout your relationship so you keep your feminine magnetism. If you step into your masculine energy too much in a relationship with a masculine man you will destroy your magnetism and repel him from you. Be receptive and let him come to you.

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The Don’ts of Feminine Texting

Before we jump into how women can use feminine energy while texting, it is important to cover what not to do when texting so the boundaries are clearer. It is a skill to get a high-quality man’s attention via text. He likely has more than a few other women he is in contact with and your goal is to stand out from the pack without coming off as desperate or aloof. This is what not to do when texting a potential suitor so you intrigue him, not annoy him.

Don’t Have Long Conversations

Text messages are best for short bits of information. You are a woman with a life to live, not a little girl starving for attention. Avoid having long conversations about what you like, don’t like, that annoying coworker, your friend’s relationship drama, or how your day is. None of that is going to make him more attracted to you. It’s mindless chatter to him. Also, don’t text back and forth all day long. Give him time to miss you and wonder about you. Text messages are best used to plan the logistics of the next time you will be hanging out in person. Save the longer conversations for then.

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Don’t Over Analyze

You should be too busy to worry about analyzing the words he chose or how long it took him to reach out or respond. Take things at face value and give the benefit of the doubt. It’s the same courtesy that you expect to be extended and you can’t receive something that you’re not also giving.

If he compliments you just say thank you. Don’t deflect or try to get him to clarify what he meant. Deflecting is what a wounded feminine woman would do because she’s not receptive. Clarifying is what masculine energy would do to try to control the situation through assertiveness and can come off as aggressive. For example:

Text from him: I just saw a woman wearing a dress like the one you had on the other night. You looked amazing.

Her response: So you’re looking at other women?

Him: No! I just saw her and thought of you.

Her: Hmm…if you say so. Haha.

Analysis is a masculine trait so you risk removing the magnetic energy between you if you spend time analyzing every second of your conversation within your head or with your friends. Go with the flow and let it be. This confidence fosters open communication and attraction. The best thing you can do is have a life filled with hobbies and other things to do so you’re not constantly worried about a man and what his intentions might be. This will give you a lot of confidence so you don’t keep a man in your life who doesn’t deserve to be there. You’ll have enough going for you that you won’t be concerned about having just any man around.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

It’s understandable to not want to come off as easy or desperate, but you probably weren’t raised in a convent. There is nothing wrong with a little playfulness as long as it doesn’t derail into explicit territory. It’s also a good thing to be able to poke fun at yourself and at him. That allows room for playfulness in your relationship.

Healthy masculinity likes a bit of a challenge. It keeps him on his toes. When you’re texting it’s good to give him some positive attention and some playful challenges. If you’re with your friends when he messages you you can say, “I usually don’t look at my phone a lot when I’m with my friends, but you keep tempting me. I knew you’d be trouble.” instead of, “Hey. I’m with my friends. Chat later?” The first option shows interest and that you’re in the middle of something. The second comes off like you’re forcing him to take a back seat.

Don’t Send Explicit Photos

This really shouldn’t have to be said at this point, but I wanted to make sure that this point was more than implied. Feminine women do not send explicit photos to someone they’re interested in if he is not their husband. Period. No excuses. In almost every other scenario besides this one, I will say that it depends, but when it comes to racy pics never, ever send those unless he has pledged his life to you in front of God and your families in holy matrimony. Not even if he’s your “boyfriend.”

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How Do You Text With Feminine Energy?

You text with feminine energy by not trying to control everything about the exchange and being a little coquettish. Your quick exchanges should be fun and light. Leave the heavier and longer topics for when you are face-to-face or talking on the phone. These are the things you absolutely should do to send text messages dripping in feminine energy.

Make it Personal

Being complimented or praised for the same thing repeatedly gets stale quickly, even if it’s coming from a lot of different people. If he has muscular arms he has probably heard some version of “nice arms” a zillion times. You can be more memorable by being more personal and complimenting him for something that is unique to him like, “I love that little smirk you get every time you see a dog.” Things like that help express your interest and that you actually pay attention to him.

Stop Texting When You Want to Keep Going

Ending your texting conversation when you still want to hear from him helps keep both of you intrigued and wanting more. This will naturally build attraction between the two of you because you will want to hear from them again soon. This is a great way to see if he is into you too. He’ll reach out to you again soon, set up a date so you can talk for a while, or disappear.

Be Mysterious

One of the easiest ways to be mysterious is to playfully cut a text conversation short. His mind may start to wonder why you never text back more than a few times. If he’s really intrigued by you he will try to get more of your time.

Being mysterious is your feminine energy leaning back and creating space between you so the masculine has to lean forward and pursue. This is the polarizing energy that attracts him like a magnet. He will want to be around you more and allow his masculinity to thrive with its assertiveness and strategic thinking to get you to be only his. If he’s reaching out to you and can’t get more than a few flirty texts he will absolutely set up a date if he wants more of your time.

Tell Him He Makes You Feel Safe

The healthy masculine wants to protect and provide. Telling him that he makes you feel safe is like giving air to a man who is drowning. If you feel like he cares about you every time he opens a door for you tell him that. If you feel secure because he pays the bill without even looking in your direction tell him that. Tell him how he’s making a difference in your life and why it’s important to you so he knows it and feels it in his bones. Only do these things if you truly see, feel, and recognize them. Otherwise, you are inflating his ego to your own detriment by hyping up something that isn’t enough for you.

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Final Thoughts on Using Feminine Energy in Texts

If you have been doing your best to embody feminine energy but he’s not pursuing you or setting up dates, he’s not the guy for you. The guy for you will respond to your energy happily. Keep embodying your femininity, enforcing your boundaries, and being confident that the man for you will appear. This will help you weed out some of the unhealthy men faster and easier. Their not meeting your standard doesn’t make them bad people or mean that your standard is too high. We are allowed to want what we want and to show up in the world in the ways that we want to. Under no circumstances is it your job to tell someone how they should be to suit our needs. We only have to show up as who we are and give other people room to do the same thing.

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