Masculine Behaviors Feminine & Classy Women Should Avoid

By DeAndrea Douglas
masculine behaviors

There is a strong possibility that you were taught some habits that cause you to embody more masculine energy. Your mother or caregivers probably taught you these habits out of a need to survive and that’s okay. Society rewards masculine traits more than feminine ones, even though both are needed for a healthy society. However, if you’re ready to try something else and learn some new habits to embody more of your feminine essence, these are the masculine behaviors and habits that you should avoid to be more feminine.

masculine behaviors women should avoid

How To Be Less Masculine

Watch Your Language

No cursing, ladies! It shows that you do not have a robust vocabulary which is very unbecoming. Ladies are poised and highly educated. This behavior is the opposite of those traits. People love classy and feminine women and those kinds of women enjoy being liked. They do not attack others with foul language that makes her look low value and rubs people the wrong way.

Tone Down The Bravado

Feminine women are not boastful or braggadocious. Classy ladies will not post stacks of cash, an expensive bill, or show off costly purchases. Money and status are inherent to her so she does not seek to flash them. She knows she does not have anything to prove.

Under No Circumstances Should You ‘Shoot Your Shot’

Classy women understand that masculine men like the thrill of the hunt. ‘Shooting your shot’ is like hunting an animal that’s already caged. Boring. A feminine woman will never ask the masculine out on a date, get down on one knee to propose marriage, or be overly aggressive in the bedroom. Doing these things will put you in a masculine energetic state and will let a man channel his feminine energy. If you take the lead don’t be surprised if you end up a placeholder for the woman he will be happy to hunt and give his all to.

Not shooting your shot doesn’t mean that you can’t express interest at all. There is a balance between letting him chase you and being direct. Keeping things interesting is a cat-and-mouse game especially if you are starting to build your relationship starting with text messages. Learn how to balance the two and you will live happily ever after.

how to be less manly

Do Not Bad Mouth Men

Men have a hard time opening up to women due to society normalizing them as being overly tough versus being vulnerable and expressing their emotions. Therefore, if a man chooses to open up to you about his past never use it against him or degrade his character during an argument or disagreement. Likewise, you certainly have done some things you are not proud of and would not want them to be thrown in your face in the heat of the moment.

Stop Wearing Your Independence As A Badge of Honor

As a woman, it is wonderful to be independent and able to support yourself. However, it is important not to hang all of your identity on that when you are in a long-term relationship. This will activate your partner’s competitive gene against you. You should be collaborating, not competing. When a man shows you that he is capable and worthy of leading, a classy and feminine woman leans into her femininity by letting him assume the lead role. This will include allowing men to fix things for you, spoil you and show you how much he loves you. Needing your partner doesn’t make you weak.

how to be less masculine

More Behaviors Feminine Women Avoid

This is by no means a comprehensive list of habits for feminine women to avoid. Rather, it is a good starting place to start being more aware of your actions and acting in alignment with your feminine energy. If you’re looking for more femininity and elegant lifestyle tips sign up for my newsletter. Each month I share an exclusive tip to help fall a little more in love with your life and a few things that made my life more luxurious.

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