3 Telltale Signs Your Relationship Is Toxic


People around the world enter toxic relationships every day. Some last for mere weeks while others span years, possibly even decades. Those of you reading this could be in this category – but how do you know if your relationship is toxic?

It should be an easy thing to decipher yet relationships are intricate and complex. Your feelings for someone can cloud your judgment and completely alter your view of a situation. That’s why so many of us remain in toxic partnerships for so long; we simply refuse to admit the relationship has gone sour. 

Identifying your toxic relationship is the first step in getting past it and healing. It will allow you to address the situation, deal with relationship grief, and move on so you feel happier. Here are a few telltale signs something is wrong with your relationship and changes must be made.

You don’t feel supported

A lack of support is one of the most common signs of a toxic relationship. At the same time, it’s one of the easiest to ignore or not realize is happening to you. Relationships are about giving and taking; both partners should do both to support one another. If you feel like you’re doing everything in the relationship and your partner is hardly making an effort or doesn’t support you at all, then things are toxic. 

This is one of those things that could be fixed by seeing a couples therapist. Sometimes, a partner needs their eyes opened to what they’re doing and they’ll change their ways. This can save your relationship and bring it back to the glory days. If nothing changes, then you need a serious talk about ending things. 

Your partner manipulates your emotions

Do you feel like your partner can be slightly emotionally manipulative? It’s subtle things here and there, usually starting with a bit of guilt-tripping. They make you feel bad for doing things, even though you absolutely shouldn’t. If you constantly feel like this, it shows your partner is gaslighting you and manipulating how you feel. 

It’s a clear sign of toxicity and a massive red flag. This isn’t usually something someone will change – they normally do it consciously. Even worse, bringing it up causes them to flip the script and guilt trip you again, acting like you’ve done something wrong. Leave a relationship like this as soon as you can.

Your needs are neglected

Most people aren’t aware of a toxic relationship as they think certain things are normal. For instance, you think it’s alright to be ignored or neglected now and then. Specifically, your emotional or intimate needs are never met by your partner. This is technically a sign of a toxic relationship as you should be with someone who cares for you and wants to make you happy. 

Neglect happens over time and is something that can be fought through. Some partners do this without realizing it as they become too comfortable with the relationships. Talk to them about this, seek counseling, and you can work through it. You may rediscover a spark that leaves them wanting more or you could reach the point of no return. 

Spotting the signs of a toxic relationship will give you one of two things to do. You can either address the problems and see if your relationship is salvageable, or you can call it quits. The latter is often the wisest choice, though it depends on your partner and their willingness to admit their wrongdoings and change.

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