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white dresses for spring and summer

9 Beautiful White Dresses to Wear this Spring

It’s the season for white dresses! This is my favorite time of the year. There is more sunlight and the days are getting warmer. The coming of spring makes me want to wear lighter-colored clothes than in the fall and winter. what better way to start refreshing my spring and summer wardrobe than getting a white dress?

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confidence affirmations featured

101 Confidence Affirmations and How to Harness Their Power

Have you ever wondered if all of those “I am” statements you see and hear all over social media are real or a bunch of BS? I get it. How is repeating a bunch of words and sentences supposed to make a difference in your life? They’re just words, right? Wrong! Confidence affirmations are the real deal and can make profound, lasting changes in your life when you know how to use them correctly. You’ve probably seen and have heard a plethora of personal anecdotes about how positive affirmations have changed someone’s life, but they are scientifically proven to be beneficial.

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advice for women in thier 20s

9 Masterful Pieces of Advice for Young Women in their 20s

Your 20s are a magical time. You are finally experiencing the freedom you dreamed about having once you graduated from university. The world is wide open to you and ready to be shaped to your liking. People might tell you that you’re overly optimistic about what life has in store for you, but with proper planning and execution, you can have the ideal life you want. Here is the advice for young women in their 20s that I wish I had to create my dream life easier and faster.

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elegant mindset featured

23 Ways To Create An Elegant Mindset

Elegance is more than just fashion, style, and appearance. True elegance comes from having the right mindset and thoughts to have an elevated perspective on living. Luckily, creating an elegant mindset is something that anyone can do if they really want to change their life. Once you start to refine your thoughts, you’ll start to … Read more

feminine hobbbies for women in thier 30s - a femininity blog for beginners

Feminine Hobbies For Women In Their 30s

Your thirties are a magical time. The past decade of your life may have been a bit of a hot mess as you were figuring things out, but life has started to stabilize. Stable doesn’t have to mean stale or boring. While you may be busy creating a family and/or furthering your career, it is … Read more

hobbies for women in their 20s - featured - a femininity blog for black women

Hobbies For Women In Their 20s

There are a slew of elegant and exciting hobbies for women in their 20s. Having hobbies that are engaging is essential to your well-being and sense of connectedness to the world around you. In a society where business and productivity are seen as the end all be all, it is important to have exciting hobbies … Read more

how to become a high-value woman featured

30 Traits of A High-Value Woman

To the average person, encountering a woman embodying the traits of a high-value woman can feel intimidating. Not only is she usually show-stoppingly gorgeous, but she also has intense energy about her that subconsciously makes you sit up straight. This energy repels low-value men and experiences and entices high-value men and opportunities.

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quality clothes and where to buy them featured

Quality Clothing: Where To Buy & What To Look For

Finding high quality clothing is difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. There’re countless places to buy clothes online so it can be hard to know if what you want will look as good in person as it does in the pictures, especially without knowing details about the fabric. It is easier to find high quality clothes in-store, but you can still fall victim to something looking good until you wash it.

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how to measure eyebrows featured

How To Measure Eyebrows For A Perfect Shape

Knowing how to measure eyebrows to get the best shape for your face is easy! If you’ve been going to salon after salon and specialist after specialist to try to achieve eyebrows that are groomed perfectly for your face, but haven’t found the one that just gets it this is what you need. Never look … Read more

habits of feminine women featured

Feminine Habits of a Classy Woman

The secret to living the elegant, feminine and luxurious life you dream about comes down to the habits that drive your daily actions. Whether you have a good habit or a bad habit, the results show themselves to you every day. If you dream of becoming more feminine and elegant but aren’t practicing feminine and … Read more