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gifts for the wellness fanatic

Gifts for the Wellness Fanatic

If you know your aunt, cousin, sister, or bestie likes to take care of themself this list will help you find the perfect gift for them. Whether you’re shopping for a health-conscious friend, an aspiring yogi or a dedicated gym goer, there’s something special for everyone. Show her you care with an extra special wellness-inspired … Read more

gifts for the traveler

Gifts for the Traveler

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for someone who loves to travel? Whether they’re an occasional weekend backpacker or a full-time globetrotter, there’s something out there for everyone. I either already have these items and have used them on my trips or want them for my next sojourn. There’s bound to be something here … Read more

christmas gifts for him

What To Get Him for Christmas

I tagged The Mister™ to help me curate the best gifts for guys. He either already has these things and loves them or he’s hoping to find them under the tree this year so know it’s man approved! Whether you’re shopping for your friend, brother, dad, FIL, husband, or significant other I’ve got you covered … Read more

homebody gifts for people who like home

Cozy Gifts for the Homebody

I love being at home. I don’t mind going out, but there is something special about being able to relax in a space you’ve curated to suit your exact version of cozy. I know I’m not alone so these are some great gifts for my fellow homebodies. 01. Sleep Mask // 02. Waffle Knit Robe … Read more

christmas gift ideas for her

What All The Ladies Really Want for Christmas

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! The Mister and I are wrapping up our shopping list for gifts so I am teeming with ideas. I have plenty more guides coming up for the many different kinds of people in your life but as the saying goes, ladies first. Honestly, this list is … Read more

designer for less shoes - jimmy choo

My Favorite Places to Find Designer For Less

I have always liked nice things. I have an eye for them. I don’t like nice things simply because they are often expensive but for their quality and craftsmanship. I love intricate details and things constructed with skill and care. Most of the time that means they come with a higher price tag but not … Read more

target fall 2023

The Cutest Fall Pieces to Shop at Target

Great style doesn’t have to be expensive and I’m always looking for ways to spend wisely. I love finding a designer or luxury item on sale, but even then it’s price is often enough to blow my entire monthly shopping budget. Of course, I’ll buy the pieces I’ve had my eye on or can’t live … Read more

divine feminine qualities

10 Divine Feminine Qualities Elegant Women Possess

Everyone loves things that are done in good taste and you can’t deny that elegant women have great taste, tact, and grace. There is something very alluring about an elegant woman who embodies divine feminine qualities as well. In fact, it is hard for a woman to be seen as elegant if she doesn’t also … Read more

what is divine feminine energy

What is Divine Feminine Energy?

For women, embracing divine feminine energy entails recognizing their divine essence, embracing their inner strength, and contributing to a more harmonious world. This doesn’t imply exclusively relying on feminine energy; rather, it involves acknowledging the entirety of their power as both feminine and masculine individuals and harnessing that energy as needed. Divine Feminine Meaning Divine … Read more

savage captions to level up your instagram

101 Savage Captions to Level Up Your Instagram

Instagram captions serve as a delightful avenue to share a deeper glimpse into your personality and help make connections with people who share your interests. Occasionally, clever wordplay and cute captions aren’t enough to convey the intensity that you’re going for. For the moments when you need something that unleashes your unapologetic fearlessness, you need … Read more

quotes about soft life

101 Soft Life Quotes for Instagram Captions

Your next social media post is ready. Each photo looks perfect, every video is perfectly lit, and you (or your surroundings) look amazing. You are seconds away from posting, but you can’t think of a post caption to save your life. We’ve been there and know how frustrating that is. To help the next person … Read more

divine feminine books

21 Divine Feminine Books to Put on Your Reading List

In the quiet corners of literature, a treasure trove awaits those seeking to forge a deeper connection with their authentic feminine essence. In a world that often whirls with the cacophony of modern life, these pages whisper ancient wisdom and timeless insights, inviting readers on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The realm of divine … Read more