How To Be More Elegant and Feminine in Just 7 Days

By DeAndrea Douglas
how to be more elegant and feminine

Did you know that using elegance and femininity as an asset can get you very far in life? If you are looking to take your elegance and femininity to the next level, this helpful guide will show you how to be more elegant and feminine in just one week.

how to become more elegant and feminine

What Is Elegance?

Elegance is the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style. To be an elegant woman you have to carry yourself with poise in a sophisticated and fashionable way. To become elegant, you must learn to present yourself as balanced, graceful, educated, and well-rounded.

What is Femininity?

Femininity is about embracing all aspects of your inner feminine essence by showing love, empathy, compassion, and gentleness to the people around you.

There is a common misconception that to be feminine is to be weak or less than. People believe that femininity means being submissive, timid, and unopinionated. They believe that feminine women are only to be used as maids and vessels for creating life, and do not have any power whatsoever. This is a massive lie.

If you are tired of playing by the rules handed to you (forget family and focus on your career and only that) and ready to learn the true rules of the game of life where you get to have it all, this is your guide to jumpstarting your journey to become the most elegant and feminine version of yourself.

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How To Become More Elegant and Feminine

Day 1: Relax & Practice Self Care

Because the masculine is valued more in society you have been conditioned to believe that if you are not producing or doing something you are lazy. The feminine often acts in service of others so this is a particularly hard habit to break. You can give and give until your cup is empty and have nothing left for yourself, but that is no way to serve your family and friends. They are not getting your best and neither are you. Take day one to do things that fill your cup. Get a massage, take a long nap, get a manicure and pedicure, or take a long bubble bath. Or do all of them! Enjoying pampering yourself is at the top of every highly feminine woman’s list. Start aligning yourself with your feminine essence by taking time to rest and rejuvenate.

Day 2: Upgrade Your Appearance

A feminine woman enjoys beautifying herself so she always looks her best. She knows that she doesn’t need to wear layers and layers of makeup to be beautiful. She takes the less is more approach by wearing natural-looking makeup that enhances what she naturally has.

Day 3: Give at Least 5 Compliments Throughout the Day

One of the most rewarding parts of being a feminine woman is building up others and making them feel seen and heard. Complimenting someone costs you absolutely nothing but could mean the world to someone else. Spending your day not complaining or speaking negatively will have massive positive effects across all of your relationships, from personal to professional.

Day 4: Bake or Cook a Meal from Scratch

Do not skip this day. Even if you are not skilled in the kitchen right now, taking some time to make a delicious meal or decadent treat for your friends, family, or neighbors will help you feel in tune with your feminine side. You are creating something from nothing and giving it away freely for people to enjoy.

Day 5: Give at Least 5 Compliments Throughout the Day

Part of being a feminine woman is to build others up and make them feel important and cared for.  Paying someone a compliment costs nothing to you but can mean everything to someone else.  Also, spending the day not complaining or speaking negatively will have a huge ripple effect across all your relationships for the better.

Day 6: Graciously Receive Help

Proving you can do things yourself is a surefire way to drain yourself just as soon as you filled yourself up. Accepting help from others does not make you weak. It makes you kind because you are allowing others to serve you. You know that feeling you get when you know you helped someone? You’re depriving them of that feeling by insisting that you do everything yourself.

Day 7: Watch Your Language

This day will take the most discipline, but it is worth it to see it through. Most people find coarse language to be unattractive no matter who is using it. Curse words are very bold and almost violent. These words are the opposite of feminine so pay attention to what is crossing your mind and coming out of your mouth.

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