Having Trouble Focusing As Of Late? Consider These Tips

trouble focusing

Is it just us, or is it getting harder and harder to focus our attention as of late? Shortform video content such as that displayed on TikTok, constantly shifting news sources, social media notifications and more can add up to a frayed attention span. Moreover, those who watch television and movies see just how many quick edits and music swells they use to keep you engaged, and while digital filmmaking techniques were much less common back then, this is hardly a technique that was commonly utilized thirty or so years ago.

As such, you might have found yourself struggling with focusing lately. They say that average attention spans have dropped, and so you wouldn’t be the only one. You may have some techniques for tackling this, be that enjoying coffee before work or trying 9-Me-BC Powder, but what if that doesn’t help alone? Well, if you’re truly worried then having a formal assessment can be ideal.

From there, however, you might want to consider a few techniques for increasing that attention span with care. Without further ado, let’s consider some tips for focusing more easily, despite our frayed online environment.

Uninstall Those Quick-Attention Apps

You’re not imagining it – our attention is constantly under siege from a barrage of quick-fix apps designed to capture and claim our focus. This is called “the attention economy,” and yes, companies genuinely do try to design measures for achieving the most of your focus. 

For example, the “pull down to refresh” gesture was modeled after the exhilarating feeling gamblers might get when pulling a slot machine in a casino. If you can uninstall the apps that take so much of your time or add scheduled notifications to only be alerted when necessary, this can be ideal.

Set Incremental Goals & Take Breaks

Breaking tasks into smaller, manageable goals can significantly improve your ability to concentrate. Instead of overwhelming yourself with the entire project, focus on completing one small task at a time. This not only makes the workload more approachable but also provides a sense of accomplishment with each completed goal, boosting that motivation and focus. 

Moreover, don’t forget the importance of taking breaks when you need them. Short, regular breaks can prevent burnout and help maintain mental clarity throughout the day. Through this, you will gently get the ball rolling. Have trouble focusing on a big task? That’s okay, just focus a little for now, and train that mental muscle.

Walk Without Distractions In Nature

Nature is a great healer. We’re part of nature, after all. Getting away from screens when you can and walking in the local park, even for a little while, can help you avoid frayed attention that feels like you can’t focus on what’s in front of you. With a careful approach you’ll feel more mindful and able to plan for the future. Walking without distractions can also enable you to notice more things about your environment and overcome that sense of disconnected detachment that sometimes occurs after heavy screen use.

With this advice, you’re sure to overcome troubled focus and shorter attention spans that many people are struggling with at the moment. Never fear, you can heal, and perhaps sooner than you think.

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