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4 Elegant Outfit Ideas For What To Wear To An Afternoon Play

By DeAndrea Douglas
Classy Outfit Ideas For An Afternoon Play

Have you been considering going to the theatre to dip your toes into different forms of entertainment, but aren’t sure what to wear? You’ve probably seen a lot of TV shows and movies showing people going to evening plays dressed to the nines and want to follow their lead. However, what if going to see a matinee show works better for you? How do you know what to wear to an afternoon play?

Although most theaters don’t have a strict dress code, if you’re going for an elegant look you might not want to wear jeans and a plain top. It is always okay to be a little overdressed. That just shows you care about your appearance.

Half the fun of going anywhere is picking out your outfit and the theatre is no different. If you will be seeing an afternoon (matinee) performance, the audience is typically more casual. People will still dress nicely for afternoon performances, but it’s mostly families and people visiting the city on day trips in attendance. These people probably do not want the fuss of wearing nicer clothes because they are likely wearing them all day. You probably would not be very comfortable wearing your backless date night dress and 4-inch heels at 2 pm.

Evening performances bring out the more upscale crowd. Most people will probably have dinner plans before or after the show, so they are a bit fancier than the matinee audience.

4 Elegant Outfit Ideas For What To Wear To An Afternoon Play

Classy Outfit Ideas For An Afternoon Play

No matter where you are going you should always dress for the weather. It is all fun and games until you have ruined your leather shoes in the rain or are freezing indoors because you only considered that it would be hot outside.

Being underdressed shows a lack of consideration and that is something an elegant woman would never do. It’s safe to assume that a business casual dress code is acceptable. It is perfectly fine to dress up a bit for a matinee show and you should always have at least two layers, even in the summer. That way, if it is sweltering outside in the summer but arctic inside the theatre you will be prepared for both scenarios.

What To Wear To The Theatre In The Afternoon During Spring?

The drudgery of winter is over and lighter fabrics will be more appealing. Your biggest concern during the springtime is being ready for any possible rain showers.

What To Wear To The Theatre In The Afternoon in Spring


What Do You Wear To A Matinee Play In The Summer?

Summertime is peak dress season so you cannot go wrong with wearing one. Just make sure it is close to knee length so you won’t fidget with your hemline in your seat. Be sure to bring a sweater or a jacket in case it is much colder inside than out.

What Do You Wear To A Matinee Play In The Summer Elegant

black shirt dress // gold bracelet // beige cardigan // black and gold sandals // straw bag

How Should I Dress To Go To A Play In The Fall?

Fall is one of the best seasons to dress for. It is cooling off from the summer heat, but it is not freezing like winter.

How Should I Dress To Go To A Play In The Fall

trench coat // white boots // sweater dress // shoulder bag // gold earrings

What Do You Wear To The Theatre During The Winter?

Winter fashion can be very chic. It is all about knowing how to properly layer so you don’t freeze outside from not having enough protection from the cold. Conversely, you don’t want to be burning up inside from having too many warm layers.

What Do You Wear To The Theatre During The Winter

turtleneck // trousers // black shoulder bag // leather sneakers // camel trench coat

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The best thing to wear to an afternoon play is an elegant outfit that is comfortable enough for your taste. The biggest thing you should consider is the weather when choosing what to wear to a matinee show. And as shown here, choosing your elegant outfit does not have to be difficult. To get more great outfit ideas and actionable tips to improve your life sign up for our newsletter.

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