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Scents I’m Wearing to Smell Ambrosial this Spring and Summer

By DeAndrea Douglas
spring and summer fragrances

The proverbial advice used to be to find a signature scent and stick to it so people would associate you with that scent. That’s not really the case now and I’m glad it isn’t. I used to try to stick to one fragrance, but I got bored with it before I finished the bottle. I craved variety and wanted to match my scent to the season, my outfit, my mood, or the occasion. One scent simply wouldn’t do.

I’ve been expanding my fragrance wardrobe in the past few weeks so I can always smell heavenly if and when I want to. I like to get sample sets that have perfumes I think I would like so I can see how they wear on me throughout the day. Most recently I’ve had sample sets from Kilian Paris and Tom Ford in addition to a sample from Parfums de Marly. While I love some of them and want to get full-sized bottles of them, I just can’t bring myself to spend $250+ on one fragrance right now. I will one day, but not today.

When I decided to write about my favorite spring and summer perfumes this list was very short. The first three on this list were all I had at the time, but I got an ad from Oakcha that made me want to give them a try. I’m normally not on the hunt for dupes, but I figured giving them a try couldn’t hurt–especially since I’m doing my best to be fiscally responsible. Spending $45-60 on a fragrance that smells almost identical to one that’s $250 or more sounded like a good enough deal to roll the dice on and I’m glad I did.

The only thing I’m not too keen on about Oakcha is their packaging. It’s not bad, but it’s nothing like the fragrance houses the scents are inspired by nor did I expect it to be. Cost-savings have to come from somewhere. The bottles feel sturdy and substantial, but it’s nothing that I’d want to display prominently. It’s like a solid-colored brick. Not ugly, but also not remarkable.

I’m still a sucker for good packaging and probably always will be so eventually I’ll buy from the fragrance brands themselves to have the pretty bottles. However, if Oakcha has a version of the scent I want I’ll probably get it from them. The price just can’t be beat!

Spring & Summer Perfumes I Love

oakcha bronze summer tom ford soleil blanc dupe

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc & Oakcha Bronze Summer

This scent is the one that made me want to write about the fragrances I love. I fell in love with this scent after getting it in a sample set and I bought a travel size when my sample started running low. I’m close to running out of my travel size right now so I had to give Bronze Summer a try. It didn’t disappoint. You’ll read a version of this phrase a lot here, but Bronze Summer smells almost exactly like Soleil Blanc.

Both are very coconutty with white florals, pistachio, and bergamot. It smells like a beach party with beautiful people in expensive swimwear. Like sunscreen and tanned skin. Though I can wear this around the house I prefer wearing this when I’m going to be in the sun for a while. I wore it to a wedding on the beach in St. Lucia and it was the perfect vibe.

oakcha sweet dutchess kilian princess dupe

Kilian Paris Princess & Oakcha Secret Dutchess

If you don’t like powdery or sweet fragrances this isn’t the one for you. Princess by Kilian Paris smells like fresh marshmallows dipped in matcha with a hint of ginger. I’d describe Secret Dutchess the exact same way. It’s not just a sweet fragrance. It has a mature quality about it that demands attention. It’s serious, but deliciously soft too.

I like to layer this one with Tom Ford Bitter Peach, but I’m about to run out of my sample size. Did I get Oakcha Sunrise Blush to replace it? Of course I did.

kilian love dont be shy dupe oakcha sweet addict

Kilian Paris Love Don’t Be Shy & Oakcha Sweet Addict

I’m wearing Sweet Addict as I write this post and loving every whiff I get when I breathe in. It’s very sweet, sweeter than Princess, but where Princess demands your attention Love Don’t Be Shy smiles at you coyly. It’s lighthearted, sparkly, fun, and purely feminine.

If you don’t like sweet, gourmand fragrances skip this one. Seriously. It’s not for you if you don’t want to smell like a luxury candy shop. It smells like orange blossom, neroli, caramel, vanilla, and powder initially and finishes with a musky base. Though I will wear this alone, I enjoy sweetening some of my other fragrances by layering with it.

praise the perfume melanie martinez cry baby dupe

Oakcha Praise the Perfume

This one came in the sweet caramel bundle I bought from Oakcha so it was technically a blind buy. Since it came with two other fragrances I was fairly certain I’d like I felt pretty comfortable rolling the dice on this one. I’m so glad I did! This smells like an upscale strawberry milkshake with powdered sugar. Again, if you’re not a gourmand or sweet fragrance lover Praise the Perfume isn’t for you.

I never smelled Cry Baby Perfume Milk by Melanie Martinez and probably never will since it’s been discontinued So I can’t tell you how closely it resembles the original. This milkshake does indeed bring all the boys to the yard because this scent was so widely loved that other alternative fragrance companies have duped it too. I mostly wear this on its own, but I’ve been having fun layering it with Sunrise Blush.

oakcha madame rose parfums de marly delina dupe

Oakcha Madame Rose

I’ve been hard-pressed to choose something besides Madame Rose all week. I forced myself to choose Sweet Addict today to give this one a break. I love my other fragrances, but this new addition has me by the throat. It’s inspired by Delina from Parfums De Marly and I have PDM Delina Exclusif so I was fairly certain I’d like it. They smell similar, but Delina will give you the cold shoulder with her sour notes and Delina Exclusif will always welcome you with the warm embrace of her powdery notes. I love them both.

Spring & Summer Fragrance Wishlist

The fragrance bug has bitten me so of course I still want more! I got six fragrances from Oakcha for what one or two of the scents they’re inspired by would cost and they smell pretty much the same. I wanted to test Oakcha head-to-head (or should I say nose-to-nose) with the scents they’re inspired by before blindly buying others and it’s safe to say they passed the test.

As great as Oakcha is, they don’t have all of the scents I want and I’m okay with that. It means I’ll have to eventually fork over the cash for expensive fragrances in beautiful bottles.

I have a few more fragrances on my radar for spring and summer that don’t lean so caramel and sweet. I’ll probably get some of these this year, but the last one might have to wait. I’m still working on rebuilding my wardrobe and my funds aren’t unlimited. But for now, these are the scents I want to add to my cart.

Skinpotion Kama Sutra Revitalizing Body Oil

I smelled Kama Sutra on my cousin and it’s likely my next buy. It’s in the same family as Delina and Delina Exclusif, but not exactly the same. It’s floral and powdery and has excellent sillage.

Skinpotion Costa Del Sol Revitalizing Body Oil

The description of Costa Del Sol makes me think of summer vacation and I need to smell like it. Passion fruit, pineapple, coconut water, sugarcane, jasmine blossom, Caribbean rum, and sandalwood?! Stop playing and get in my cart.

Xerjoff Naxos

I got a whiff of Naxos at Neiman Marcus almost a year ago and I haven’t forgotten about it. It smells ancient and modern simultaneously. It’s hard to describe but I was captivated by it.

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