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The Finest Luxury Lingerie Brands You Need to Know

By DeAndrea Douglas
luxury lingerie brands you need to know

I hate to admit this, but I’ve been on the Victoria’s Secret bra and underwear train for far too long. My VS credit card has a limit in the mid 4 figures. $0 balance though because why pay 30% interest on anything? Let alone underwear. Anyhow, as I’m entering my mid-thirties I want to feel more like a grown-up and part of that means leaving the underthings of yester-decade behind. I want underthings that perform better for daily use and pretty things for when I want to feel like the queen of everything. This led me down a rabbit hole of finding the best luxury lingerie brands that I should get to know.

The Best High-End Lingerie Brands

agent provocateur high end lingerie

Agent Provocateur – Sensual and Seductive

This is a brand I’ve known since it was name-dropped in a Wale song. I even visited a boutique in Las Vegas when ANYTHING from the brand was wildly out of my budget. If you’re looking for lingerie that is both sensual and seductive, look no further than Agent Provocateur. This British luxury lingerie brand has been setting hearts racing since 1994 with its bold designs, intricate details, and provocative styles. Agent Provocateur’s lingerie is all about confidence and empowerment, and each piece is designed to make you feel sexy and alluring.


bordelle high end lingerie

Bordelle – Bold and Beautiful

Bordelle is a luxury lingerie brand known for its bold designs and daring styles. The brand’s lingerie pieces are all about pushing boundaries and breaking the rules. Bordelle’s signature designs include harnesses, cutouts, and bondage-inspired styles that are both edgy and beautiful. If you’re looking for lingerie that makes a statement, Bordelle is the brand for you.


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la pearla luxury lingerie

La Perla – The Epitome of Elegance

La Perla is a name synonymous with luxury lingerie, and another brand with a tie in my mind to Las Vegas. (A dancer was wearing something pretty and I asked what it was. Yes, that kind of dancer. I’ve lived a little.) The brand has been creating exquisite lingerie pieces since 1954, and its collections continue to captivate women worldwide. La Perla’s lingerie is the epitome of elegance, with delicate fabrics, intricate lace details, and timeless designs. Each piece is meticulously crafted to offer the perfect fit and unparalleled comfort.


kiki de montparnasse high end lingerie

Kiki de Montparnasse – Elegance and Sensuality Redefined

Kiki de Montparnasse is known for its timeless elegance and sensuality. The brand’s lingerie pieces are designed to celebrate the female form, with delicate lace, sheer fabrics, and intricate details that create a stunningly beautiful and seductive look. Plus the name… come on! It’s practically screaming in coquettish playfulness.


journelle lingerie

Journelle – Timeless Elegance and Comfort

Journelle is a lingerie brand that is known for its timeless elegance and comfort. The brand’s lingerie pieces are designed to make women feel confident and beautiful, with high-quality fabrics and classic designs that never go out of style. Journelle’s lingerie is all about embracing your femininity and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Who doesn’t want that?


anya lust luxury black owned lingerie

Anya Lust – Artistic and Edgy

Anya Lust is a black-owned luxury lingerie brand that combines artistry with edgy design. The brand’s lingerie pieces are designed to make women feel confident and daring, with unique designs and unexpected details. Anya Lust’s lingerie is all about embracing your wild side and expressing your individuality.


fleur du mal luxury lingerie

Fleur Du Mal – Sensual and Modern

Fleur Du Mal combines sensuality with modern design. The brand’s lingerie pieces are designed to make women feel empowered and confident, with innovative designs and unexpected details. Fleur Du Mal’s lingerie is all about pushing boundaries and embracing individuality. Each piece is crafted using the finest materials, including silk, satin, and lace, and the designs range from classic to contemporary. Fleur Du Mal’s signature styles include lingerie sets with harness details, sheer fabrics, and cutouts that create a seductive yet modern aesthetic.


fleur of england luxury lingerie

Fleur of England – The Ultimate in Luxury

Fleur of England exudes sophistication and elegance. The brand’s pieces are handcrafted in England using materials that include deilcate lace, silk. Fleur of England’s lingerie is the ultimate in luxury, with intricate designs and attention to detail that are second to none. Each piece enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel like the ultimate goddess.


coco de mer luxury lingerie

Coco de Mer – Sensuality and Romance

Coco de Mer is all about sensuality and romance. The brand’s pieces are designed to ignite passion and desire, with delicate lace, silk, and satin fabrics that feel soft against the skin. Coco de Mer’s lingerie is all about embracing your innermost desires and exploring your sexuality.


Affordable Luxury Lingerie Brands

inimissi luxury italian lingerie

Intimissimi – Affordable Elegance

Intimissimi is a popular lingerie brand that offers affordable options to women around the world. It’s pieces are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and affordable, with a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. Intimissimi’s lingerie is all about making women feel confident and beautiful, without breaking the bank.


bluebella affordable lingerie

Bluebella – Bold and Empowering

Bluebella is a luxury lingerie brand that is all about empowering women to embrace their sensuality and explore their desires. The brand’s lingerie pieces are designed to be bold, daring, and provocative, with innovative designs that push the boundaries of traditional lingerie. And you can buy some of their pieces at Victoria’s Secret. We’ve come full circle!


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Luxury Lingerie – The Ultimate Expression of Sensuality and Style

These are just a few of the many luxury lingerie brands that are out there. Each brand offers its own unique style and aesthetic, so with a little searching you’ll be able to find something that suits your taste. I hope this list of the has inspired you to treat yourself to something special.