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Where To Eat in The Woodlands TX: Fielding’s Local

By DeAndrea Douglas
fielding's local kitchen and bar exterior the woodlands tx

If you’re looking for a great place to grab drinks with friends, have good food and a good time in The Woodlands, TX, you should check out Fielding’s Local Kitchen + Bar.

Fielding’s Local Kitchen + Bar

Fielding’s Local Kitchen + Bar is a casual, upscale neighborhood restaurant that is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of I-45. This place can get pretty busy during prime times so making a reservation will ensure you can be seated when you’d like to be. I’ve only walked in once and it was late for dessert so I was seated immediately. I can’t tell you how difficult it might be to try to walk in when they’re busier.


The restaurant is located in a small open-air shopping center so parking close to the entrance is scarce. It also has a time limit so you might want to park along the street or in the lots farther away anyway to not have to think about the time. Wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in because there is no valet.

Ambiance & Entry Way

I love coming here throughout the year to see how they change up the seasonal decor. This time we were visiting just after Thanksgiving so the place’s halls were decked for Christmas. There is an outdoor area in front of the entrance for you to be served in as soon as you walk up if you like the weather. It’s night next too a large green space so I bet it’s nice when it’s not too hot, windy, or cold.

There isn’t a lot of room to stand or wait in the entry way and I love that. Nothing turns me off like trying to walk into a restaurant and having to navigate through a sea of people to get to the host. This means you have to wait outside to be seated so people can move freely up front. That’s another great reason to just make a reservation.

The vibe of the place is laid-back upscale. If you’re used to dining in Houston hot spots that can be noisy or have a party-like vibe this place is a breath of fresh air. You’ll see a lot of families and gatherings of friends here. The Mister™and I have had a few date nights here and will have many more in the future.


They have an extensive drink menu with over 400 wines and spirits to choose from so there is bound to be something to whet your whistle. The craft beer menu rotates so if that’s your thing there will always be something new to try. They also have a cocktail menu that includes an Old Fashioned that they smoke at the table. For this outing, we opted for mocktails and the rosemary lemonade was delicious.

The menu has usually had wine pairing suggestions for a few of the meals, but this time the menu was a lot more curated than before so there weren’t any this time. Hopefully this comes back because I liked that touch and have tried a few new wines because of it.

fieldings local chicken sandwich

Food & Service

I’ve never had a meal here that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. The staff has always been attentive to us and helpful when making selections. Like I mentioned, the menu is updated seasonally so if you stop by once per season there will be something new every time. I had the chicken sandwich with pimento and parmesan truffle fries this visit. Both were good.

If I had been in the mood for seafood I would have gotten the pesto salmon and risotto that my friend got. She said it was amazing and even took her leftovers home. I’ve also heard their dry-aged steaks are good, but I’ve never wanted to get a steak here. Not that I don’t think they’re good, but I want the whole steak house experience if I’m going to get it.

Overall Experience & Value for the Price at Fielding’s Local Kitchen + Bar

I give this place a 4.7/5. The food is good, the service is good and timely, and the atmosphere is always a treat. I’d rate them higher if valet parking were an option. The walk to the parking lot or street really ins’t that far, but I’m a huge fan of getting someone else to do things I don’t feel like doing. All of the food we’ve had there has been great, but we haven’t come across a signature appetizer or dish that I’d tell people the absolutely have to get when they come.

The owner is wonderful! If you’re ever able to meet him and hear him talk about the food it is a real treat. We didn’t see him this visit, but hopefully we’ll cross paths another time.