Feminine Habits of a Classy Woman

By DeAndrea Douglas
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The secret to living the elegant, feminine and luxurious life you dream about comes down to the habits that drive your daily actions. Whether you have a good habit or a bad habit, the results show themselves to you every day. If you dream of becoming more feminine and elegant but aren’t practicing feminine and elegant habits you will become neither of those. The path to making your dream life a reality is simple. The only thing separating the two is your habits These are the feminine habits that you should form to become the most refined and sophisticated version of yourself. Adopting these habits will make you feel elevated and help you start living the life you’ve only dreamt of until now.

Why Is It Important to Have Classy Feminine Habits?

It is important to adopt the habits of a classy, feminine woman if you want to elevate your lifestyle. These habits will not only allow you to move through your day with ease and grace but will also allow you to create a life that you love. Without cultivating the habits of the woman you want to become you can’t understand what it takes to be her and, as a result, will never become that version of yourself. Your personal transformation starts small and grows as your ability to stick to habits and make them automatic grows too.

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Habits of a Classy Feminine Woman

Start to cultivate and adopt these habits to be more feminine, classy, and elegant. These habits will connect and build upon each other, so there is no perfect place to start. Pick a habit that resonates with you on any level and start there, but know that all of these habits should become second nature to you.

Develop A Self-Care Routine

Feminine women treat themselves like the goddesses they are. This stems from having a self-care routine. Self-care is for your own well-being, so you can feel more balanced, connected to yourself, and to source energy. Feminine energy is luxurious and is the energy of creation. You can’t feel luxurious and ready to birth your creations into the world if you are worn down. Self-care doesn’t have to be scented candles, bubble baths, and manicures if that doesn’t resonate with you. Go for a run or a hike, paint, dance, play with makeup, or partake in any other feminine hobbies. Do what naturally energizes you and fills your cup. That way, you’ll be ready to share your excess energy with whomever you want. remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Be Tidy

Your personal space is an extension of you. No feminine or elegant lady is chaotic, messy, or unhygienic. Less is more. You’ll feel better mentally when your space is clean and organized. A messy home or workspace presents a chaotic demeanor. A clean space presents a calm, organized, and stable mentality. Which mentality do you think an elegant woman possesses?

Smell Good

Don’t overdo your perfume application. No one should smell you coming into a room. A good rule of thumb is to only spray your fragrance on 3 of your pulse points. You don’t need a special occasion to wear your perfume. You are the occasion. The fact that you woke up in the morning is the occasion. Wear your fragrance daily, even when you’ll just be at home.

Make sure your home smells nice too. You want your home to smell inviting and luxurious like a 5-star hotel. Home fragrances or scented candles can help you achieve this not only for your guests but for your enjoyment too.

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Never Stop Growing and Learning

This doesn’t mean to go out and keep getting more and more advanced degrees, but if that is what you feel called to do you should go for that. You can learn and grow in many aspects. For example, you can learn more about yourself, a new language, or even business skills from conferences, courses, books, podcasts, and even YouTube videos. Studying and learning are incredibly feminine traits and the knowledge you gain makes you a more interesting person. If you need some inspiration these hobbies for women in their 20s and feminine hobbies for women in their 30s are excellent places to start.

Stop Being Defensive

Most of us have defenses that operate to protect us based on past experiences. Not all of those defenses are bad. The defensiveness I’m talking about is when you are too defensive as a baseline behavior. Defensiveness is a masculine trait so if you are defensive as a baseline you are masculine as a baseline too. Your defense mechanisms may be off-putting to other people and close you off from what the world has to offer you. If people are put off by you, it can create drama and problems that prevent people from seeing you in a feminine light and not wanting to interact with you. It is perfectly okay to defend yourself when necessary, but the trick here is to have the discernment to know when the right time is and the best way to convey your message.

Manage Your Emotions

The most feminine thing you can do is to treat everyone with kindness. You shouldn’t blame your emotions on your surroundings or other people. You have complete control over how you react to the world around you. Know what triggers you and why so you can work through that and not continue to trigger other people. When you manage your emotions properly you will have less drama, fewer unnecessary problems, and it will be easier to have better relationships. Managing your emotions will also allow you to step into your fullest potential as a feminine woman. And as a bonus, you’ll be more likable.

Let People Help You

Letting people help you is closely related to not being defensive, but deserves its own mention. People like to feel helpful and needed so if someone offers to help you, let them. You don’t have to prove that you are independent and capable of doing things on your own. When someone offers to lend you a hand they are doing you a favor by allowing you to conserve your energy. The only payment you owe is a simple and heartfelt “thank you.”

Graciously Accept Compliments

When someone gives you a compliment, just smile and say thank you. Full stop. It’s easy to try to minimize or downplay what the person is acknowledging, but that comes off as self-deprecating. Self-deprecating may seem endearing to you on the surface and like you’re trying to show that you’re not all that different from anyone else. The thing is, you are different from everyone else. That’s why they’re giving you the compliment. Minimizing their compliment about your nice dress by saying you got it on clearance doesn’t do you any favors. You’re just knocking yourself down a peg in their eyes when they wanted to put you on a pedestal. Let them lift you up by thanking them for their kind words. They didn’t have to say them to you at all.

Get Dressed Up

Feminine women like to get dressed up and look their best every day. Even if you will just be at home, you should wear something that makes you feel like a lady. Dingy sweats and power suits are no more! Express your femininity by choosing pieces that make you feel luxurious and beautiful, like a tasteful floral print, luxurious fabric, or nice jewelry. Wearing a dress is an excellent way to feel feminine and comfortable around the house, so you can leave the yoga pants and workout tights for when it’s time to practice your fitness routine. Pairing a blousy top with tailored pants, or wearing a tasteful dress are always appropriate workwear too.

Practice Gratitude

One of the best habits of a feminine woman is practicing gratitude. When you reflect on the things that you have, especially the immaterial qualities you possess, it reminds you of who you are and how far you’ve come. A gratitude practice doesn’t allow you to take anything for granted, even if it’s not the exact thing you want. As an example, you can take a few moments to really feel grateful for breathing effortlessly. Not everyone has that capability. If you are reading this you have an internet connection so you could also be grateful for how easily you can access virtually any information you want to. Feminine women know what they have and don’t take it for granted, it keeps them grounded and humble.

Invest In Your Health

An elegant woman knows that health is wealth so she will not neglect exercising and eating well. You don’t have to go all-in on an extreme workout or diet, but you should find an activity you enjoy that gets you moving and your heart rate up and eat quality food. Consistently working out will help you keep your body fit and your heart healthy. The combination of eating well and getting enough exercise helps you avoid a good number of health issues that stem from a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. Eating food that nourishes you and provides your body with what it needs to function properly is pivotal for a feminine woman.

Maintain Your Standards and Boundaries

Saying yes to everything someone asks of you is the way to become a doormat. Feminine women say yes to their obligations and no to things that do not serve their higher and greatest good. Modeling and enforcing what you will and won’t accept from a person or situation is one of the keys to happiness and peace. It helps you stand out from the people pleasers and shows people that they have to respect you and your boundaries. You show people how to treat you by what you do and don’t allow. Saying no to protect your energy is wonderfully feminine. Because you’re not wasting time, effort, and energy on people and things that drain you, you will have the energy for the people and things that matter most.

Be Empathetic

You have experienced some form of pain in your life by virtue of just living. No one lives a life completely devoid of pain and suffering in some form. The struggles you have endured have helped you become more empathetic to others who may be experiencing the same thing. It’s a highly feminine trait to be able to lift people up and make them feel seen. You didn’t snuggle for no reason. It helped you connect with humanity.

Be a Good Listener

Everyone wants to feel heard so an excellent habit for a feminine woman to have is to be a good listener. Being a good listener is arguably more important than being a good speaker. When you are a good listener, people are more likely to open up to you and see you as trustworthy. They allow themselves to be vulnerable with you because they feel that your attention is genuine and they feel as if you are truly hearing them. You become a safe space for people to feel sheltered from life’s storms.

Follow Your Intuition

It is incredibly feminine to be in tune with your inner world and emotions. The feeling in your body that you can’t quite readily explain is revealing the truth to you about a situation or person. If something feels off or wrong, you’ll feel uncomfortable. Conversely, if you feel comfortable and at ease, something is very right. Being intuitive is a sign of high emotional intelligence so you should never be afraid to listen to your intuition and follow what it’s telling you.

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Final Thoughts on Feminine Habits of Classy Women

Developing new habits is a process. You don’t form a habit overnight. It requires constant vigilance about what you are doing and thinking at any given moment to recognize when your behavior needs correcting. As long as you keep practicing these feminine habits and thinking as if you already are the woman that has adopted them you will become that woman. If you need a little inspiration for some habits you want to try, check out our list of hobbies for women in their 30s.

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