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21 Divine Feminine Books to Put on Your Reading List

divine feminine books

In the quiet corners of literature, a treasure trove awaits those seeking to forge a deeper connection with their authentic feminine essence. In a world that often whirls with the cacophony of modern life, these pages whisper ancient wisdom and timeless insights, inviting readers on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The realm of divine feminine books, with its nuanced narratives and profound reflections, offers a haven for those who seek to embrace the elegance and strength inherent in their being. Embarking on these pages is not merely reading, but a pilgrimage towards understanding, as we explore the intricate tapestry of womanhood with a touch of both casual charm and refined intellect.

divine feminine reading list

Feminine Energy Books

When You’re Ready, This How You Heal

Healing is a journey that doesn’t happen in a solitary moment. While it might start with a singular event, often a sudden loss shattering our envisioned future, its essence lies in awakening from a profound unconsciousness. This involves shedding the roles we’ve assumed and consciously reconstructing our authentic selves.

In her sequel to the internationally acclaimed “101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think,” Brianna Wiest presents over 45 new pieces designed to guide you towards discovering your inner sanctuary and embarking on a genuine transformation. Wiest’s words serve as a soothing elixir for any soul navigating their unique path towards self-realization.

Feminine Genius: The Provocative Path to Waking Up and Turning On the Wisdom of Being a Woman

In a world where women often suppress parts of themselves to conform to societal expectations, leading to inner dissatisfaction and conflict, “Feminine Genius” presents a transformative path towards embracing one’s authentic self. Authored by women’s life coach LiYana Silver, this book guides readers through an audacious journey of self-discovery, urging them to trust the aspects of themselves they’ve previously hidden. Through an irreverently reverent feminist lens and a devotion to the Sacred Feminine, the book challenges conventional notions of body, soul, sexuality, intuition, and power.

With LiYana’s guidance, readers learn to reconnect with their powerful hidden facets, tap into the wisdom of their bodies, and navigate life with newfound effectiveness and fulfillment. “Feminine Genius” serves as a mirror reflecting the strength and trustworthiness of the feminine within, while encouraging readers to explore the harmony between masculine and feminine energies. This book is an invitation to unleash the magic and genius that lie within, fostering a deeper understanding of one’s true self.


Combining deep soulfulness with uproarious humor, as well as a delicate strength with compelling tenderness, “Untamed” emerges as an intimate memoir and a potent wake-up call. Within its pages unfolds the narrative of a woman’s journey, illustrating that a responsible mother isn’t one who sacrifices herself for her children’s sake, but rather the one who guides them towards vibrant living.

The memoir navigates the intricate path of divorce, the formation of a blended family, and the revelation that the vitality or fragility of a family is determined not by its structure alone, but by the individual capacity of each member to embrace their authenticity. Moreover, “Untamed” explores the liberating journey of learning to establish healthy boundaries, forging a harmonious relationship with our bodies, acknowledging our emotions of anger and heartbreak, and unleashing our most instinctive and authentic impulses. This book encourages every woman to embark on the transformative process of self-trust, culminating in the empowering realization that we can look in the mirror and confidently declare: “There She Is.”

Soft is the New Power: Embracing Your Feminine Edge to Win in Love & Life

In “Soft is the New Power,” a thought-provoking book by Deya “Direct” Smith, readers are challenged to reconsider their notions of communication with men and the role of femininity in their lives. Smith unveils how women often lose their authentic selves while striving to fit into male-dominated environments, resulting in communication breakdowns and personal exhaustion.

By advocating for a return to innate feminine softness as a source of strength, the book guides readers to embrace their true power and approach life with understanding and initiative. Smith emphasizes the importance of balancing a gentle touch with strategic assertiveness, enabling better communication in both professional and personal spheres. Through this exploration of tapping into inherent authority and intuition, “Soft is the New Power” offers a fresh perspective on achieving success in love and life.

Eve in Exile: The Restoration of Femininity

The need for liberation was evident for swooning Victorian ladies and 1950s housewives, and the early feminist movements addressed these concerns. First-Wave feminists fought for suffrage, Second-Wave feminists rallied for Prohibition, employment, and abortion rights. However, the focus of Third-Wave feminism appears less defined. In the current era, where modern women are increasingly reliant on psychotherapeutic antidepressants, the necessity for liberation is more pressing than ever.

Yet, the concept of liberation has become unclear within feminist discourse, leading to a mundane impasse. “Eve in Exile” boldly challenges stereotypes associated with past eras, like the submissive mid-century housewife or the China-doll femininity. It also dispels modern portrayals of women, whether in executive roles or as outspoken feminists. In doing so, the book calls attention to real women’s purpose—forging a connection with God’s intended design.

WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source

In “WomanCode,” holistic health coach Alisa Vitti introduces a food-based program designed to rebalance hormones and promote lasting health and vitality for women. Drawing from her personal journey of overcoming polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) through dietary and lifestyle adjustments, Vitti aims to empower women to take control of their well-being.

Addressing issues like irregular periods, fertility challenges, mood disorders, and low libido, the book emphasizes that medication and antidepressants aren’t the sole remedies. Offering a groundbreaking five-step protocol, “WomanCode” educates and empowers women to enhance their hormone health, ultimately leading to improved overall health and quality of life.

Dark Feminine Energy – How To Become A Femme Fatale: The Dark Feminine Secrets To Self-Discovery & Confidence: Dark Feminine Energy Guide

Unlock the essential guide to harnessing the Dark Feminine Energy that every woman should explore. Are you prepared to reclaim your power, revolutionize your life, and embody the allure of a Femme Fatale? If you seek heightened confidence and the ability to captivate any desired man, this book reveals the concealed secrets of the dark feminine realm. By embracing the wisdom within, you’ll not only transform your life but conquer any aspirations you hold. The Dark Feminine Guide empowers you to ignite your latent dark feminine energy, mend inner wounds, and awaken the potent force of this energy within. Seize the opportunity to activate your dark feminine energy today and evolve into an unyielding Femme Fatale.

for your reading list divine feminine books

Books on Femininity

The Five Archetypes

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the elemental principles of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water offer insights into natural growth and evolution, influencing health, child development, and more. Carey Davidson, an Ayurvedic nutritionist and reiki master, unveils a fresh perspective in her book “The Five Archetypes,” asserting that these elements correspond to unique personality archetypes within us. Davidson introduces the Five Archetypes method, enabling individuals to understand and predict behavioral patterns in themselves and others.

This approach empowers readers to gain control over hindering behaviors, enhance self-awareness, regulate responses to stress, and foster fulfilling relationships. Through her experience with diverse individuals and groups, Davidson presents a practical guide to embracing the strengths of these archetypes, complete with an assessment to unveil one’s primary, secondary, and lowest types. “The Five Archetypes” promises not only self-discovery but also transformative interpersonal connections and a journey toward harmony.

Jailbreaking the Goddess

Jailbreaking the Goddess” presents a groundbreaking reimagining of the feminine divine, breaking free from the confines of the maiden, mother, and crone archetypal system tied to biological stages. Instead, this book introduces a liberating fivefold model that disconnects the female experience from reproductive cycles. Recognizing a woman’s diverse journey through beginnings, potential, creation, mastery, and wisdom, this fresh model embraces the dynamic and multifaceted nature of contemporary women’s lives.

Lasara Firefox Allen guides readers through the five archetypes, offering insights into their respective domains, associated goddesses, and practical ways to establish connections. With accessible rituals for recognition, transition, and invocation, the book propels readers into a profound exploration of the evolving feminine experience.

Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase Your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want

When a woman embraces her feminine essence, her life undergoes a remarkable transformation. She exudes attractiveness, grounding, and sensuality, radiating a captivating glow that draws people in whenever she enters a room. Her allure captures the attention of all, especially the kind of healthy, loving, masculine individuals she desires. True power doesn’t require projecting a dominant image; the book emphasizes that activating one’s feminine essence unleashes ecstasy, empowerment, and natural magnetism.

Authored by Rachael Jayne Groover, a speaker and facilitator in women’s spiritual development, this empowering guide offers 35 practices to enhance personal presence and magnetism. Readers will discover how to embody authentic power without intimidating others, address the relationship pitfalls that strong, independent women often encounter, and embrace vulnerability while shedding guardedness.

A Woman’s Worth

“A Woman’s Worth” by Marianne Williamson resonates universally, addressing a wide spectrum of identities, transcending barriers of class, race, religion, and gender. With her compelling and spiritually enlightening voice, Williamson extends her empowering insights, previously showcased in her seminal work “A Return to Love,” to highlight the vital significance of women in the contemporary world.

Drawing on personal experiences, she delves into poignant topics encompassing beauty, age, relationships, sex, parenthood, and the resurgence of the feminine within a patriarchal society. The book speaks resoundingly to a generation in need of healing and seeking harmony, fostering a deep exploration of women’s intrinsic value and impact.

Being a Woman: Fulfilling Your Femininity and Finding Love

In this impactful book authored by a widely recognized radio personality, the argument unfolds that numerous contemporary women have transformed into what can be described as “Amazon women,” leading to their unhappiness stemming from the erosion of their innate femininity. Through insightful analysis, Grant elucidates a pathway for women to reintegrate the lost feminine elements back into their lives, facilitating a journey toward a more balanced and fulfilling existence.

Let Me Be a Woman

“In order to learn what it means to be a woman, we must start with the One who made her.” Through a scriptural lens, Elisabeth Elliot offers a collection of essays that draw from her insights and encounters. These essays eloquently explore the multifaceted landscape of Christian womanhood, encompassing the experiences of being single, married, or widowed.

Healing The Feminine Energy: & The Wounds Of Your Inner Child

In a world that often undermines femininity, a critical revival of feminine energy is imperative. This book takes on the mission of healing wounds inflicted on the feminine spirit, guiding readers towards a journey of empowerment through embracing their true nature.

It’s an inclusive resource for anyone seeking to uncover the profound strength of womanhood, particularly for those women aiming to evolve into their most confident and healed selves. The book promises benefits such as a serene state of being, attracting harmonious relationships, and overcoming past traumas. Through practical exercises, readers will learn to reconnect with their inner power, nurturing and safeguarding this potent energy within.

popular divine feminine books

Popular Divine Feminine Books

Sacred Woman

Queen Afua imparts the art of embracing self-love and celebrating our bodies by utilizing remarkable meditations, affirmations, holistic plant-based healing methods, KMT temple teachings, and The Rites of Passage. By infusing spirituality into our language, nourishment, relationships, environments, and the embodiment of our transcendent feminine spirit, Queen Afua empowers us. With love, insight, and fervor, she leads us to embrace our roles as Sacred Women, inviting us to heal not only ourselves but also generations of women within our families, communities, and the wider world.

Women Who Run With the Wolves

Upon its release in the early 1990s, this book swiftly emerged as a resounding success within feminist circles. Éstes delves into the concept of the Feminine as a symbol of untamed authenticity, urging women to question the neatly constructed notions of womanhood that have endured for centuries.

Through a blend of depth psychology, archetypal exploration, and mythology, Éstes guides women in rediscovering their innate, visceral strength and returning to a more primal state. While it exudes a less scholarly aura compared to the preceding two works, its brilliance and poignancy remain undeniable. Undoubtedly, a mandatory addition to one’s reading list.

Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga

Awakening Shakti unveils the path to living a life enriched with spiritual awakening and material abundance, inner liberation and profound intimacy. Rooted in the wisdom of Tantra, this book illuminates the transformative potential of embracing Shakti—the sacred feminine energy embodied by yoga goddesses. Despite the untapped potential within both men and women, these energies remain largely unexplored.

By unlocking these powers, one can elevate spiritual growth, cultivate fearless love, master creative expression, and navigate the world with skillful joy. Awakening Shakti introduces divine goddesses like Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Radha, Bhuvaneshvari, and Parvati, each embodying unique energies. Through meditation, mantras, stories, and teachings, this book serves as a practical guide for activating the currents of the divine feminine in every facet of life.

Mary Magdalene Revealed: The First Apostle, Her Feminist Gospel & the Christianity We Haven’t Tried Yet

Deep within the Egyptian desert, a gospel as ancient and genuine as the texts found in the Christian bible was hidden away following a decree in the 4th century to obliterate all copies. Yet, against this mandate, defiant monks ensured its preservation, leaving us with manuscripts of a gospel that bears the name of a woman: The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. This extraordinary gospel, revealed through Mary, unveils a profound love that resides at the core of the Christian narrative. It challenges the notion of inherent sinfulness and advocates for embracing our humanity without shame.

It asserts that our purpose lies in fully embodying our humanity while recognizing our boundless souls. The path it offers is that of turning inward through meditation, following Mary Magdalene’s guidance to transcend the limitations of the ego and glimpse the eternal truth within. In the book, the author dismantles the historical portrayal of Mary Magdalene as a penitent prostitute, offering a more accurate depiction of her role within the early Christ movement. This revelation empowers the practice of an enduring and transformative love, creating a paradigm shift in understanding and experiencing spiritual devotion.

The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary

Clark Strand and Perdita Finn’s transformational journey begins with an unexpected encounter with a mysterious “Lady” who beckons them to embrace the rosary, despite their prior disinterest in Catholicism and formal religion. Driven by ecological concerns for the planet’s future, they find solace in the Lady’s revelation of the rosary’s potential to heal lives and the Earth. This Lady unveils secrets hidden within the rosary, harking back to an era of natural cathedrals and interconnectedness. Through their personal narrative, eco-feminist insights, and the Lady’s teachings, the authors unveil a universal path that harmonizes us with the Earth’s rhythms, offering profound healing and connection beyond religious boundaries.

Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl―A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship

Unlock the mystery behind men’s attraction to strong, independent women through the straightforward dating guide “Why Men Love Bitches” by bestselling author Sherry Argov. Addressing the concern of being too nice, the book provides an illuminating perspective on why men are drawn to women who assert themselves. With candid insights on every page, this guide dispels the notion that being a “yes woman” is ideal and emphasizes the desirability of a strong, self-assured woman.

Through humorous real-life scenarios, illuminating “she says/he thinks” tables, and the author’s unique “Attraction Principles,” the book answers common relationship questions and offers practical advice. It empowers women to stand their ground, understand men’s behavior shifts, and forge a more profound connection. By adopting the magnetic attitude that men find irresistible, readers can enhance romantic chemistry, while also gaining their partner’s admiration and affection with greater ease.

The Art of Seduction

The Art of Seduction” skillfully synthesizes the insights of prominent thinkers like Freud, Ovid, Kierkegaard, and Einstein, alongside the remarkable accomplishments of history’s most captivating seducers. This book delves into the core of the seducer’s character, analyzing their strategies, achievements, and missteps, from Cleopatra to John F. Kennedy, and from Andy Warhol to Josephine Bonaparte.

Unveiling various seductive personas including the Siren, the Rake, the Ideal Lover, the Dandy, the Natural, the Coquette, the Charmer, and the Charismatic, the text presents twenty-four tactical maneuvers that navigate readers through the intricate art of seduction. Providing astute and morally neutral guidance, the book dissects this pervasive form of power, akin in significance to “The 48 Laws of Power.” It stands as an essential guide to persuasion, offering valuable insights on acquiring what one desires and safeguarding against manipulation.

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