12 Characteristics of a Classy Woman

By DeAndrea Douglas
characteristics of a classy woman

A woman can absolutely gorgeous and incredibly well-dressed, but if her behavior does not match her appearance she will not be regarded as classy. Class and elegance are the qualities of being graceful in appearance and behavior. If she is unable to embody the characteristics of a classy woman she cannot call herself elegant. People should tell her that she is elegant, not the other way around.

How To Have Class as a Woman

To have class as a woman you have to always be mindful of how you are behaving. A classy woman would never want to associate herself or her brand with behavior that is unbecoming. If elegance was not emphasized in your upbringing that’s okay. It wasn’t for most people. The great thing is that you can start changing your mindset and habits right now to learn to become the most elegant version of yourself.

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Things That Tell You Have Class – Characteristics of A Classy Woman

A woman can look like she just stepped out of Vogue and walk around like she owns the room, but she must embody these traits to truly be classy and elegant.

You Keep Your Composure

Classy women do not lower themselves to other people’s level. Their behavior is not affected by how the people around them are acting. If someone is behaving rudely or inappropriately, they do not stoop down to their level. As Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.” If you are being disrespected you do not have to bite your tongue. You do not have to bite your tongue if you are being disrespected. You can defend yourself by stating that you do not appreciate how you are being treated. If the behavior persists you can remove yourself from the situation.

You are Open-Minded and Non-Judgemental

A classy lady will not look down on people because they are different. She understands that not everyone has the same opportunities and privileges that she has and that not everyone shares the same culture. Classy women are humble, not arrogant. They do not see themselves as superior simply because they are elegant. The more you educate yourself about other cultures and other people’s ways of thinking the more elegant you will become.

You Are Respectful

An elegant woman is respectful to herself and to others. A lady also has the ability to maintain a balance between being self-absorbed in respecting her own boundaries and people-pleasing by letting others violate hers. She enforces her boundaries of what she will accept, but she also respects other people’s time, love, energy, and empathy. A classy woman elegantly enforces her boundaries with empathy, grace, and understanding. She will never be degrading toward others.

You Show, Not Tell

Just like when a man is screaming about how alpha he is or how much money he has, no one believes you when you have to tell them what you are. Classy women allow their behavior to speak for who and what they are. She will never try too hard to show people she is elegant because that would have the opposite effect. Class isn’t a costume that she puts on, rather, it’s just who she is. She does not need to put great effort into being seen as classy. She just is.

You Don’t Have Drama

One of the most important characteristics of a classy woman is having a life that is devoid of drama. Classy women are incredibly skilled at avoiding drama. They value peace in their lives and protect it fiercely. She has much better ways to spend her time and energy than fighting with someone. Constantly being associated with drama signals that you have unresolved issues that you need to look inward to address. An elegant woman chooses her battles wisely and will remove drama and dramatic people from her life hastily.

You Are Secure, Not Jealous

Celebrating others’ achievements is something the classiest of women do. They are not jealous or envious of others. Rather, they are inspired by seeing something they want and choose to figure out how to get it. She will be happy that someone else is doing very well.

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You Communicate Clearly

As fun as it can be to use slang and drop the occasional curse word, classy women choose sophistication at every turn. An elegant woman refines her vocabulary and enunciates when speaking. She additionally knows which topics are appropriate to discuss and when.

You Do Your Inner Work To Improve Yourself

You cannot call yourself classy if you think you are perfect. A lady knows that she is a work of art that is never complete. The most elegant women in the world are constantly improving themselves and broadening their horizons. She wants to improve her lifestyle, wardrobe, career, and relationships.

You Are Trustworthy

When a classy lady says she is going to do something she is going to do it. She is impeccable with her word. Therefore, you know you can count on her. She holds herself accountable for what she says she will do, whether it is to herself or to other people.

You Know When To Apologize

A classy woman is not too proud to apologize when she knows she has done something wrong. She is emotionally intelligent enough to realize other people’s feelings and take them into consideration.

You Are Not Obsessed With Material Things

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life, but an elegant woman is never obsessed with them. She understands that her worth does not come from the material things that she possesses. A lady knows that her value comes from within and having nice things is just window dressing. She is elegant with or without having nice things.

You Give Back To Your Community

Giving back does not always have to be with money. You can give your time to a cause you care about. Charity doesn’t have to be on a large scale. You could mentor a young lady trying to make her way in life, help plant and maintain a community garden, help the elderly with whatever they need, or any small acts of kindness to support those in your community.

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What Defines a Classy Woman?

A classy woman is not solely defined by her appearance or material possessions; it is an essence that emanates from within. Here are some key traits that help define a classy woman:

  1. Self-Respect and Dignity: A classy woman values herself and others, treating everyone with respect and dignity. She carries herself with confidence, maintaining a positive self-image.
  2. Timeless Style: Classy women have a distinctive sense of style that is elegant, refined, and never overly trendy. They prioritize quality over quantity and invest in classic wardrobe pieces that stand the test of time.
  3. Polished Manners: Displaying good manners is a hallmark of a classy woman. She demonstrates kindness, consideration, and tact in her interactions with others, reflecting her refined upbringing and respect for social etiquette.
  4. Intelligent Conversations: Classy women engage in meaningful conversations that showcase their intellectual depth and curiosity. They possess excellent communication skills, actively listening and expressing their thoughts with eloquence.

How To Behave Classy as a Woman?

Behaving with class is a conscious choice that requires practice and refinement. Here are some practical tips to help you embody classiness:

  1. Cultivate Self-Awareness: Understand your values, strengths, and weaknesses. Continuously work on self-improvement and strive for personal growth. Cultivating self-awareness allows you to make conscious choices that align with your values and present yourself authentically.
  2. Practice Graciousness: Show kindness, empathy, and compassion towards others. Practice active listening, offer sincere compliments, and always express gratitude. Graciousness elevates interactions and leaves a lasting positive impression.
  3. Cultivate Poise and Grace: Pay attention to your body language, posture, and facial expressions. Walk with confidence, maintain an upright posture, and carry yourself with grace. Practice poise in your movements, gestures, and speech, reflecting inner composure and elegance.
  4. Refine Your Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential in behaving with class. Hone your listening skills, choose your words thoughtfully, and speak with clarity and eloquence. Avoid gossip or engaging in negative conversations that detract from your classy demeanor.

What Makes Someone Classy?

Classiness extends beyond external appearances or social graces. It encompasses a set of qualities and values that define an individual’s character. Here are some elements that contribute to someone’s overall classiness:

  1. Authenticity: Classy individuals are true to themselves. They embrace their uniqueness, staying true to their values and beliefs. They are genuine and do not put on airs or seek validation from others.
  2. Emotional Intelligence: Classy individuals possess emotional intelligence, understanding their own emotions and those of others. They exhibit empathy, handle conflicts with grace, and approach relationships with sensitivity and understanding.
  3. Confidence without Arrogance: Classy individuals exude confidence without being arrogant. They believe in themselves, yet remain humble and open-minded. They celebrate the accomplishments of others and are secure in their own abilities.
  4. Lifelong Learners: Classy individuals have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for lifelong learning. They seek personal and intellectual growth, embracing new experiences, and expanding their horizons. They are open to different perspectives and engage in self-reflection.

Final Thoughts on the Characteristics of a Classy Woman

When you exude these classy woman characteristics people will treat you accordingly. Part of leveling up in life is being treated better and gaining access to better experiences. Becoming classier and more elegant not only in appearance but also in mannerisms will show people that you think highly of yourself. More often than not they will think highly of you too and treat you in high regard. It takes practice and diligence to change your habits and mindset, but it is not impossible. Learn how to embody all of the traits and characteristics of classy women and let the great experiences follow.

Becoming a classy woman is an ongoing journey of self-discovery and refinement. It involves embodying key traits such as self-respect, timeless style, polished manners, and engaging in intelligent conversations. By practicing self-awareness, graciousness, poise, and refining communication skills, one can behave with class. Ultimately, classiness is a combination of authenticity, emotional intelligence, confidence, and a thirst for knowledge. Embrace these qualities, and you’ll radiate the timeless allure of a truly classy woman.

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