What They Don’t Tell You About Manifesting

By DeAndrea Douglas
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In the first month of the year, there is always a lot of talk about what we want to accomplish. While I love setting and achieving goals and helping other people choose the right goals to reach, there is something that doesn’t get mentioned often when we discuss manifesting or achieving what we set out to create.

Manifestation is directly tied to your level of awareness through your healing.

If you have been trying to consciously create the life you want to live, there is a younger version of you inside that doesn’t believe you can do it. Let’s say you want to earn enough money to not have to worry about money. To put a dollar amount on it let’s say $30,000 per month.

Since you probably haven’t earned that much in a month before, there is a version of you inside that doesn’t believe it’s worthy of making that kind of money. You’ve probably heard this called your inner child or wounded inner child. This version of you doesn’t believe that it’s worthy of living a life it hasn’t experienced before. This is what is stopping you from reaching your big, scary goals and manifesting the life you want to create. You have to heal that part of you so you feel worthy of the goals you’re setting.

Think of this healing like a bow and arrow. The bow can’t propel the arrow forward without the quiver being pulled back. The farther you pull it back the tighter it gets and the farther the arrow will go once released. That’s why healing the parts of you that don’t think you’re worthy, capable, or allowed to manifest the life you want is so important. You can set all of the mini milestones you want, but if there is a version of you that thinks having money is bad or evil you will find ways to self-sabotage.

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The spiritual component of manifestation is often left out of the conversation. Just say your affirmations to believe you have whatever you’re affirming without considering why you have to affirm it in the first place. That leaves many people oblivious to realizing that manifestation involves the spiritual component of healing your inner child.

When you go back and heal those wounds, beliefs, and thought patterns you give that version of you what it needed to hear, see, and feel. Maybe it needed to be loved, told it was enough, truly be seen, or be affirmed. Whatever it needed, you know what it is you just might have pushed it down so far and ignored it that you think you don’t. Go back and give whatever it is to that version of you. That’s like the arrow being pulled back, being let go and going forward.

Every time you heal, no matter how small it is, you create a newer version of yourself in the present and future. This is the way we manifest our reality.

This is something that I’ve been working on a lot in the past year or so. Every time I’ve felt afraid of an opportunity or heard a little voice in my head say, “No one cares.” or, “It doesn’t matter.” I have taken a moment – more realistically quite a few moments spread out over weeks – to try to get to the root of why I keep telling myself this. I could try to positive self-talk my way into thinking otherwise, but that’s like building a house on a faulty foundation. It will eventually come tumbling down because the real problem hasn’t been addressed.

When I realized manifestation is directly tied to my level of healing I knew I needed to do the uncomfortable work. I still haven’t manifested everything I want yet, but through healing what I make myself aware of I’ve increased my self-worth and find it easier to set and enforce my boundaries.

You will never – and I mean NEVER – manifest anything you don’t believe you’re worthy of. So as you’re getting moving on your goals for this year, make sure you don’t ignore the voice inside of you that is saying you can’t do it. Ask it why it thinks that and listen to what you tell yourself. Heal that part and you’ll be surprised how quickly things start to change for you.

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