11 of the Best Travel Tips No Matter Your Destination

By DeAndrea
the best travel tips no matter your destination

No matter if you’re new to globetrotting or have been around the world a time or two, these are the best travel tips to make the most of your next journey.

Use Packing Cubes

No matter if you’ll be staying for a few nights or for a week or two, packing cubes make it very easy to stay organized. Literally living out of your suitcase makes it harder for you to enjoy your stay especially if you don’t want to have wrinkled clothes. Which you don’t. Using packing cubes makes it easy to unpack once you arrive and easy to pack up when it’s time to return home.

Pack Laundry Bag

Speaking of staying organized, tossing your dirty clothes, underwear, or swimsuits in grocery bags or loose in your luggage is plain gross. Use a laundry bag to easily store the clothes that need cleaning to keep them separate from everything that’s still clean. Plus, a laundry bag makes it easy to unpack once you get home.

Bring White Leather Sneakers

Having a pair of sneakers for your trip is integral. You will want shoes that are comfortable and chic to wear as you go sightseeing and that will also protect your feet. A pair of understated white sneakers will always be a perfect choice no matter the season and look good with virtually everything.

Use Light-Colored Luggage

Who doesn’t like to look chic in the airport? Instead of designer monogrammed luggage, opt for a set of luggage in a lighter color. Lighter colors generally look more expensive and will complement your airport outfit a lot easier.

Use a Luggage Cover

Since we are upgrading our luggage, make sure you grab a luggage cover for your checked bag so airport security and baggage handlers don’t scuff it. It is also a good idea to put an AirTag or other location tracker in your luggage. That way you will know where your bag is if the airline has misplaced it.

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Keep Slippers in Your Bag

We love a luxury hotel or resort, however, that is not always where we are staying. For that reason, you cannot always count on your room to come with slippers included. Do yourself a favor and have a pair of slippers that stays in your luggage for hotel use. You don’t want to arrive and realize that you don’t have slippers. You can’t always rely on housekeeping to clean the floors thoroughly. They are not always properly staffed, even at nicer establishments.


A VPN (virtual private network) is a good thing to have, even if you are not traveling. A VPN creates a private internet browsing experience so hackers, your internet service provider, and the government can’t see what you’re doing. Your online activity can be tracked any time you visit a website or open an online application. Whether you’re at home or abroad, a VPN can help protect you from privacy threats. Your online activity can be tracked any time you visit a website or open an online application, so having a VPN enables a secure connection to public Wi-Fi, encrypts your information, and maintains your anonymity.

Bring a Face Mist for the Plane

You have worked so hard to get clear, smooth, hydrated skin. Don’t let your hard work go to waste after a few hours up in the air. The dry air on a plane can leave your skin feeling tight. Pack a bottle of a hydrating mist with you to spritz as you feel you need it.

Enjoy the Culture

Do a little research about your destination before your trip. Learn how to say hello good morning, thank you, and a few other common phrases in the local language. Also, learn what the common way of greeting is. In North America shaking hands is customary, in France a kiss on each cheek is common. Spare yourself a little embarrassment by knowing what to do to say hello. Don’t be ignorant of local customs and don’t expect everyone to know English.

Update your People Back at Home

Safety first! Even if you are not traveling alone, make sure that the people that care about you back at home know you arrived safely. Give them updates throughout your trip too and share your location with them on your phone just in case. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Don’t Over-Plan Your Activities

There are a few things that are worse than trying to get away for a while and going from one jam-packed schedule to another jam-packed schedule in a different city. Do a little research before your trip to make sure you are giving yourself enough time to get from place to place and allowing yourself time to enjoy where you are going.

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Top Travel Tips for Any Trip

One of the best travel tips we could ever give you is to not let other people make you feel bad about how you like to travel. For example, if you’re first-class or private jet only, don’t let economy fliers make you feel wrong for valuing your comfort or just wanting the experience. On the flip side, if you like saving money on your flight don’t let people shame you about minding your money. Traveling is about making the most of your experience no matter what you decide it gets to be.

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