21 Unspoken Rules For Men In Life

By DeAndrea
unspoken rules for the men in your life

In many societies, men and women have traditionally been expected to adhere to different rules and norms based on gender roles and cultural expectations. These gender roles and expectations can vary significantly from one society to another and can also change over time.

In some societies, men may be expected to exhibit certain behaviors or characteristics that are considered traditionally masculine, such as being strong, competitive, and assertive. Conversely, women may be expected to exhibit traditionally feminine behaviors or characteristics, such as being nurturing, caring, and emotional.

These gender roles and expectations can be enforced through a variety of social and cultural practices, such as dress codes, gendered toys and activities, and gender-specific expectations for behavior and appearance.

It is important to note that these gender roles and expectations are not universal and can vary significantly from one society to another. Additionally, many people do not adhere to traditional gender roles and may choose to express themselves and their identities in ways that do not conform to societal expectations.

If you are a woman who wants a traditionally masculine man, make sure he follows these rules. If he doesn’t he may not be the man you want him to be.

unspoken rules for men

Life Rules for Men

  1. Never insult the cooking when you are a guest
  2. Never shake a hand sitting down
  3. Don’t owe favors you cannot return.
  4. Protect who is behind you and respect who is beside you.
  5. Always walk on the street side of the sidewalk when with a lady. This includes your sister, mother, grandmother, aunts, friends, and any romantic partners.
  6. Never make the first offer in a negotiation.
  7. Do not beg for a relationship. You will know if they are interested.
  8. A lady should never touch a door handle if you are around.
  9. Do not take credit for work you didn’t do.
  10. Don’t ask to go if you haven’t been invited.
  11. Dress well no matter the occasion.
  12. Always carry cash.
  13. Be slow to anger. Being angry is a waste of time and energy.
  14. Be an active listener. Nod and make eye contact with the person talking.
  15. Proper grammar will get you far in life. Leave the foul language for the less educated.
  16. Never pose for a photo with alcohol.
  17. Whether it is dinner, drinks, or both, do not place your phone on the dinner table.
  18. You can tell a great deal about a person by their handshake, so make yours strong and firm.
  19. Always be respectful and do not let others be disrespectful around you.
  20. Be impeccable with your word. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
  21. Always aim for the metaphorical head.