Manifesting for Beginners: 6 Tips to Create Your Best Life

By DeAndrea Douglas
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If you are new to manifesting and are frustrated or discouraged because it doesn’t seem to be working you’re not alone. Manifesting for beginners can be discouraging because you are giving it your best and getting nowhere. This is a common thing for people new to manifesting and the law of attraction. The root of the issue is that, though you are trying your best you are manifesting incorrectly. These manifesting tips for beginners will help you bring your desires into reality freely and easily, but first, we need to talk about what manifesting is, what manifesting is not, and why it is important for you to know how to manifest properly.

What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is preparing your mind, body, and spirit to help you take action to get what you want. Manifesting is training your mind for what you want to happen. It is programming your mind to understand what it is like to get the thing that you desire before you take the steps to get it.

When you use manifestation properly you remove self-doubt, resistance, caution, analysis paralysis, and any other obstacle that might keep you from taking action. You are retraining your nervous system, your mind, and your spirit to help you get the things that you want in life. When you manifest properly it inspires you to take the actions to get what you want.

To put it simply, manifesting is going to help you embody the things that you want so you are able to take action toward them. It will help you see, feel, think, act, and generally be the person that has the things that you want, so doing the things it takes to get them will be simple.

What Manifesting is NOT

Manifesting is NOT thinking thoughts and hoping that they come true. That is wishing. Your thoughts only become real things when those thoughts inspire you to take action to make them a reality. Wishing for something and manifesting are complete opposites. When you wish for something you’re giving the power to get it away to someone or something else. You are giving away your power instead of harnessing it. Hoping and wishing is assuming that someone else is going to come in and solve the problem for you. That is not manifesting.

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Why Should I Know How To Manifest?

You should know how to manifest so you fully understand that you have the power to create the life you want. If you don’t learn how to use the power of manifesting you will always be wishing for a change instead of working for it. Wishing puts you in a state of lack because the minute you wish for something you are simultaneously acknowledging that you don’t have it and it seems impossible for you to have. Those feelings are not positive and will not inspire you to take action.

Manifesting is declaring what you want, committing yourself to having it, and empowering yourself to go get it. When you’ve trained your entire being to embody the traits and habits of the person that has what you desire, it is easy to take action when the time comes because your mind, body, and spirit will think you already have. There will be no doubt, fear, or nerves. It will be easy.

how to manifest for beginners

Manifesting for Beginners: Six Tips

Put Yourself At The Scene of What You Want

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the position you want to be in. What are you wearing? Are you outside or inside? Who is with you? Are you standing, sitting, walking, or running? What does it smell like, what can you see around you, what do you hear, what does it feel like? There are details about any position, place, or circumstance that you want. Get clear about what those are and it will be easier for you to see yourself there. Your brain can’t tell the difference between your real experiences and the experiences you’ve been imagining through manifesting. So when the opportunity comes in reality your brain will automatically know what to do.

Frame it in the Positive

Make your manifestations about the things that you do want, not the things that you don’t. For example, if you hate your job and want to leave it don’t say, “I don’t want this job.” Doing that will only bring your more of the job you dislike. Instead of thinking about what you’d rather be doing instead for that job. Make that your manifestation. Frame your manifestation around going toward something instead of away from something else.

Do It Daily

Manifesting is a skill. The only way to get better at a skill is to practice it. You can’t just try it once and think it will stick. Practice makes permanent. The best way to make sure you are getting your practice reps in is to start adding manifesting to your morning routine.

Be Patient

Manifesting change in your life isn’t usually a microwave process. It may take some time and consistency to really train your mind for you what you want. For manifesting to work properly there is no timeline involved. You have to give up putting a time constraint on when you will have something. It’s much more powerful to see yourself taking the steps to get it. If you focus on that instead of how much time is passing you will be shocked at how quickly things come to you. If you feel impatient, you’re doing it wrong. Receiving requires surrender.

Focus on the Between Time

A common manifesting mistake is to only look at the end goal. This is where your vision board can lead you astray. You have to do more than just create the vision of what you want. You have to imagine all the things that are happening between where you are right now and what you are envisioning for your future. Only looking at the end goal will inspire you, but not motivate you to take action.

Understand that You Don’t Need All The Answers to get Started

When you are manifesting something you don’t have to have all of the answers. How could you? If you had the answers you’d probably already have the thing you want. The best thing you can do is to become a student of what you want. Study others that have achieved your goal. Learn from their mistakes and triumphs. Researching what you want is a simple way to find all of the things that you could do to take inspired action.

Celebrate the Small Wins

Every day that you manifest and take action inspired by your manifesting is a win. Every time you notice that a door has opened for you, find a way to celebrate that. If you hadn’t taken action, that opportunity would not have come your way. The small wins are signs that you are on the right path. You are being rewarded for manifesting properly and believing in yourself.

Things To Manifest: A Few Ideas

  • Financial Freedom
  • Goal Weight
  • Your Ideal Body
  • Your Dream House
  • A Great Friend Group
  • Good Skin
  • Beauty & Pretty Privilege
  • A Soulmate
  • Inner Peace
  • A Credit Card with Good Member Benefits
  • Good Sense of Style
  • A Successful Business
things to manifest

With consistent and targeted practice you will be able to manifest easier and easier. Again, it is a skill, and mastering a skill takes practice. If you need to start with something small and inconsequential like an unadvertised discount at your favorite store or a free meal at your favorite restaurant do that. Bringing that event into reality will give you the confidence to go after bigger and bigger things and start building the life you want faster. Use these tips to start manifesting the right way and watch how much your life changes.

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