My Luxury Wishlist for 2022

By DeAndrea Douglas
luxury wishlist 2022

The year might be close to halfway over, but it is never a bad time to list a few of the items that I have on my luxury wishlist for 2022. I am coming into a new season of my life and I am decided that I deserve to be surrounded by things I love. Something doesn’t have to be widely considered a luxury item for me to love it. For me, it’s about craftsmanship and brand storytelling.

What’s on my 2022 Luxury Wishlist?

I am determined to enjoy every aspect of this new season in my life. For the past few years, I have been working on myself and creating what I want my world to be. I need to learn how to enjoy the fruit of my labor. Having the ability to buy nicer things is part of why I started changing my life. It makes no sense to do the work and not celebrate the wins, so I’m making this list to force myself to get started.


strathebrry midi tote black croc


Midi Tote in Embossed Croc Black

I saw this bag on Pinterest a few months back and I’ve been eyeing it ever since. I’ve seen it season after season and I’m finally ready to spend more on a bag than I ever have before. Their craftsmanship is phenomenal and their branding is understated. Both are things that I love about Strathberry in general.


anima iris bag


 Zuri Gold in Ivory

I came across this brand before they could be found at Revolve and Saks. I’m so happy to see this brand grow and the unique silhouette is what pulled me in. I look forward to adding one of these to my collection.


Perfume & Fragrance

kilian paris fragrance intoxicated


Intoxicated Eau De Parfum

I have been watching a few of the Instagram and Pinterest fragrance girlies mention this brand for at least a year, maybe longer. I decided that I don’t want a signature scent. I’d rather just smell amazing all the time. So when I saw a limited edition set of 8 travel sizes of Kilian Paris fragrances I had to have it. I stalked it on Sephora’s website for a few weeks because I knew I could buy it for 20% off during Sephora’s Spring Sale. The morning of the sale before the sun came up this set was ordered and on its way to me.

It is my first foray into a fragrance that would cost more than $100 for me to buy in a regular size. It’s actually more than twice that, but my goodness do all of them smell amazing. At first whiff, I wasn’t sure about 4 of them, but after wearing all 8 for a few days each I am hooked! I don’t know how to describe these scents other than mature. They are not for the fragrance beginner or the girl who wants to smell like candy. These are dynamic and not something that you smell on the average person. They smell like you have your life together and I’ll be getting a full-sized version of at least one of these very soon.


Clothing & Shoes on my Luxuy Wishlist

zimmermann silk wrap dress


Silk Wrap Mini Dress

so much Zimmerman on that show! I describe the brand as luxe femme and I am 100% here for it. I’m not typically a print person, but I can see myself wearing some of theirs. I think the best Zimmerman starter piece for me will be their silk wrap dress, but I don’t want to get it in black. That’s expected. I’d rather have pink or ivory. I haven’t seen it in ivory yet, but if I do that’s probably the one I’d get.


tom ford lock heels


105mm Lock Stiletto Sandals

As much as I admire craftsmanship, I don’t currently have a designer pair of shoes. This may be an impractical first choice for some, but it’s perfect for me. I don’t need or want to wear heels in my daily life, but I love to dress up. These shoes will go with virtually any outfit so I would definitely get my cost per wear. I love how simple the design is. This is one of those luxury items where you have to know it to recognize it in the wild. It’s another ‘if you know, you know’ item and those are my favorites.



solid gold hoop earrings


Bold Large Hoops

I already have a smaller set of solid gold hoops and I wear them literally every day. I’d like another set of the exact same ones to wear in my second ear piercing or some that are slightly larger.


solid gold necklace


Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace

I have developed an aversion to anything that isn’t solid gold. I know it costs more, but it holds value in ways that plated, filled, and vermeil don’t. That’s not to say that I won’t buy these things that are made this way, but I definitely have a bias toward solid gold. I want a dainty gold necklace that I can wear with everything like I do the earrings.


solid gold anklet


Spheres Bracelet/Anklet

I take off my earrings before I shower even though I don’t have to. They won’t tarnish if I get them wet. For a gold anklet, however, I plan to put it on and never take it off unless I have to or if I want to clean it. For that reason, getting a solid gold one is my best option because it will always look good.


Wildcard Luxury Wishlist Item


I have never lived in a house that my parents didn’t own, except of college and the three times I rented an apartment. Owning a home was something that I saw as an everyday thing, not a luxury. Fast forward to now and owning a home is absolutely a luxury. But just like with any other luxury good, if there is a will there is a way. Buying a home is actually my main luxury goal for this year. The market may be insane but there is a home out there for me and hubs.

Is there something you’ve had your eye on? Let me know in the comments!

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