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8 Interior Design YouTube Channels to Elevate Your Space

best interior designers on youtube

If you are tired of not having a place to call your own you are probably about to take up a new hobby. No not house hunting, home decor! Depending on what you ask, the house hunt is the easy part. Once it is yours you have a blank slate to turn the house into a home. You may have Pinterest boards full of ideas but are not sure how to bring them to reality in your space. Luckily, there are plenty of people that happily share their expertise with us on their interior design youtube channels. These are the best home decor youtube channels that will help you decide how you want to craft your elevated space.

Home Decor YouTube Channels We Can’t Stop Watching

kinwoven you tube home decor

Kinwoven – Robeson Design

This channel is owned by Rebecca Robeson. She’s been an interior designer for over a decade and really shines with Christmas decor. On her channel, you’ll mostly find reveals of projects she’s been working on, but there are great tidbits of design tips in all of them.


kinwoven - interior design youtuber

Sharrah Stevens – The Kinwoven Home

As the daughter of Rebecca Robeson, interior design is basically in Sharrah Stevens’ blood. This channel is great for helping you nail down your design style and for making a house a home. Sharrah and her husband have moved at least twice and she documents how she goes from an empty space to a furnished home. I’m kind of obsessed with her house-to-home playlists.


interior design channels on youtube diy with kb

DIY with KB

Kiva Brent has a plethora of videos that showcase how to decorate your space yourself. She helps you choose things that will look more expensive even if they aren’t and upgrades that you can make to your space to not look dated. I love her videos where she takes you shopping with her so you get tips on how to find great pieces in the wild.


nick lewis interior design youtuber

Nick Lewis

Nick Lewis has a wonderfully entertaining and educational channel. He easily breaks down what will and won’t work when you’re going after a particular look and helps you consider the practicality of the elements you’re adding. All of his videos make me feel like I’m taking a design class from a very entertaining professor.


interior designers on youtube house of valentina

House of Valentina

This woman makes my neutral-colored heart skip a beat. Her tips and finds help me understand the best ways to put the finishing touches on a space that will look effortlessly luxurious. I love when her husband makes an appearance in her videos. I enjoy hearing his take on design and decor because I learn how to sell my ideas to my husband.


lone fox interior design youtube channels

Lone Fox

I love this channel for all of the hacks and makeovers! It makes decorating seem much more approachable and fun. He also takes my earth-toned breath away.


julie khuu interior designers on youtube

Julie Khuu

Julie is amazing! She really shines when it comes to choosing the best materials for your lifestyle. I love how she will group projects together by the type of room so if I’m looking for bedroom decor tips I can see just those videos. Also, her daughter is adorable.


interior design youtubers posh pennies

Posh Pennies

Vivien is all about “maximum style with minimum spend.” Need I say more? She shares easy decorating tips, design guides, and luxury inspiration without the luxury price tag. Also, like literally all of the other channels on this list, she shares design mistakes and how to fix them.


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