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Hotel Breakfast Etiquette: A Helpful Guide for Elegant Ladies

By DeAndrea Douglas
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You’re finally staying at a hotel that offers more options than a continental breakfast. To make sure you’re making a good impression you’re wondering what is the proper hotel breakfast etiquette?

Hotel Breakfast Options

We all have to start somewhere so you should never feel ashamed for wanting to learn what the proper behavior is in any situation. Learning what to do and what not to do when it comes to having breakfast at a hotel will not only put you at ease but will put other people at ease too by not making them feel awkward or repulsed by your behavior.

Your breakfast options at a hotel usually fall into one of two categories: buffet breakfast and room service.

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Hotel Breakfast Etiquette: Buffet

If you are a morning person and love going downstairs for breakfast this option is probably best for you. With this option, you have to be mindful and considerate of other hotel guests and make sure you are behaving like the sophisticated lady that you are.

Do Not Over Eat

There are many delicious options for breakfast at the hotel buffet but don’t overeat. It isn’t very elegant when a woman is carrying mountains of food on her plate. Get a little bit and go back for more with a fresh plate if you truly are that hungry.

Respect the Line

Don’t take a long time to choose which dish you want. Be mindful of the line and make your selections quickly so you aren’t holding up the line.

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Hotel Breakfast Etiquette: Room Service

If you need a little more time in the morning to be ready to face people this option is probably best for you. So how does it work when you order room service at a nice hotel? You can either order your breakfast that morning to be brought to your room or fill in the door hanger with what you want and at what time and place it on the handle outside of your room the night before.

Look Presentable When Answering the Door

When your food is delivered room service will knock on your door to bring the food in. Make sure you look decent when you answer the door. You don’t have to be fully dressed (although that is a good option), but make sure nothing is showing that shouldn’t be. The staff will feel incredibly awkward if you (or anyone in the room with you) look indecent.

Hold the Door

As modern ladies, we almost never open or hold our own door, but this is an instance where you should do the server a favor and hold the door open while they are bringing in your food. They may have tables, trays, or a trolley to bring in, and navigating all of that while holding a door isn’t easy. Please do them a kindness and hold the door even though they are there to serve you.

Ask for the Bill

To avoid an awkward silence go ahead and ask for the bill as they are setting up the food. This means you can busy yourself with signing for the meal instead of watching them get your food settled.

Don’t Forget to Tip (If It’s Appropriate) and Say Thank You

Someone has done you a service and that merits a tip. Make sure you’ve brushed up on the tipping customs for where you are. In some places, tipping is not appropriate. And make sure you say thank you as they are leaving.

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