Feminine Hobbies For Women In Their 30s

By DeAndrea Douglas
feminine hobbbies for women in thier 30s - a femininity blog for beginners

Your thirties are a magical time. The past decade of your life may have been a bit of a hot mess as you were figuring things out, but life has started to stabilize. Stable doesn’t have to mean stale or boring. While you may be busy creating a family and/or furthering your career, it is important to also take time to cultivate your passions. These hobbies for women in their 30s will help you do discover something new or help you reconnect with a passion you had previously set aside.

Relaxing Hobbies For Women


Gardening is a wonderful way to channel your feminine energy. One of the gifts of being a woman is cultivating and growing life in all of its forms. This includes plants. It is satisfying to see the literal fruit of your labor.

Wine Tasting

Enjoying wine helps you be more in the moment, even when you’re not currently tasting. There are a plethora of different regions, grapes, and styles to discover and tantalize your tastebuds. Because of this, there are many aromas and tastes that you can identify in wines. Does your Chardonnay taste oaky or buttery? Does your Pinot taste earthy? Do you get a strong plum nose in your Shiraz? Maybe red berries or even pencil shavings?! Wine tasting allows you to blend your everyday experiences into a glass, plus wine tours are a fun ladies’ outing.


Cozying up with a good book is a relaxing way to pass your time. Reading about someone’s opinion of the trajectory of current technological convergences and what they mean for humanity, immersing yourself in the magical fantasy of someone else’s imagination, or learning about practical ways to improve your communication skills are all wonderful ways to relax and feed your mind. Having a good mix of genres is also key to being a good conversationalist. You’ll be able to speak about a lot of subjects and interests in an informed way.

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Educational Hobbies For Women In Their 30s

Language Learning

The ability to connect and communicate with people from other places and cultures is a truly enriching experience. Knowing the commonly spoken language of the country you’re visiting can make your trip infinitely more enjoyable and shows respect to the locals. As a bonus, you can watch foreign films without subtitles!

Brain Training

Being a well-spoken and well-educated woman can open many doors for you. Making a hobby of training your brain by playing games and solving puzzles designed to help you speak and express yourself more clearly, become stronger at mental math, or become better at recognizing patterns is an entertaining way to keep learning.

Blogging or Writing

By the time you’ve reached your thirties, you have amassed enough experience to be an expert at something. Do you know how to write compelling stories, write engaging copy that gets people to take action? Or do you have a wealth of knowledge about self-improvement, beauty tips, or how to live a more sustainable lifestyle? There are endless possibilities of topics for you to be an expert in. Why not write about them to share your expertise? There are certainly people who need the information you have to leap to the next level. If your interests lie more in creative writing, why not finish that novel and publish it yourself? It’s much easier to do than it sounds.


Knowing the proper protocol for any situation you may find yourself in is an enjoyable way to sharpen your skills. Knowing when and how to write a thank you note, what fork to use at a fancy dinner, elegant ways to leave a conversation, and a host of other skills are a recipe for more sophisticated living. Plus, having proper etiquette will help you leave a lasting positive impression. Having people feel and think positively about you can transform your world much faster than you think.

active hobbies for women in their 30s

Active Hobbies For Women in Their 30s


Dancing is an incredibly feminine hobby no matter the type of dancing that thrills you. Ballroom dancing with its elegant twists and turns, salsa with its intricate hip and footwork, and even pole dancing with its incredible strength and flexibility are all ways to get out of your head and into your body.

Hiking or Running

Getting out of the house to enjoy nature can calm even the most anxious of spirits. Going for a run or a hike in a park or woods is perfect for the woman that spends most of her time in front of a computer screen. Additionally, time spent in nature can help you feel more connected to your femininity.


Speaking of getting into your body, yoga is a fantastic way to do just that. The poses and movement help you be more aware of your body and what it’s telling you. Learning to move with your breath and controlling your breathing are skills that you can use off the mat when you need to focus, relax, calm down, or clear your mind. As a bonus, your flexibility will massively improve as a result of consistent yoga practice.

Horseback Riding

This hobby is not the most budget-friendly, but equestrian endeavors are thrilling! The power that you feel from controlling the actions of a massive animal you’re sitting on is intoxicating. You can quickly become in tune with each other and that makes the ride even more exhilarating. If you have access to riding lessons, please partake. Hobbies are about enjoying new experiences and filling your cup. You may find yourself wanting a horse of your own.

artistic and creative hobbies for women

Artistic Hobbies For Women

Interior Decorating

Flipping through magazines and scrolling through Pinterest can make even the most grounded women feel a little envious of the fabulous interiors on display. It’s easy to feel as if that look is unattainable to the average person, but in some cases, they aren’t. It takes a little skill and a trained eye to replicate the look and feel of those fabulous spaces. You could learn how to decorate your space in the exact way you want to and you could help your friends and family create the spaces they love too.

Makeup Art

This skill is fun and practical. If you know how to expertly do your own makeup you won’t need to employ a makeup artist to get you ready for special events unless you really want to outsource that. Learning how to shape your face, conceal what you want to conceal, and highlight what you want to draw attention to can boost your confidence. Plus, you’ll know exactly how to create the everyday makeup look that you love.

Painting and Drawing

Grab a smock and create something beautiful. Painting and drawing are wonderful ways to express yourself and discover an aesthetic you love. From oil painting to watercolors, pastels, and charcoal, your options are plentiful. Visit your local art supply store and see what speaks to you.


Similar to painting or drawing, photography as a hobby is an excellent way to capture the look and feel of the images you want to decorate your space. Learning how to use your camera’s settings to capture the look and feel of imagery that you like is incredibly satisfying. As a bonus, you’ll know how to take your selfies to the next level.


Singing is an easy hobby to have. If you can talk you can sing. Sure, you might not be any good, but this is more for your entertainment than to entertain others. Sing along to your favorite artists’ albums and hone in on the mechanics of how they are able to hit each note or perform a run. You might surprise yourself with how much you improve.

Playing an Instrument

This is another great hobby to use for your own pleasure. Have you ever wanted to play the piano, a flute, guitar, violin, or harp? Now is a great time to learn. It is never too late to learn how to play an instrument.

Flower Arranging

There is something about having fresh flowers in your house that screams luxury. Having floral arrangements delivered or made for you is an easy way to do that, but what would happen if you learned how to make them yourself? You’d have easier access to create the exact look you want and be able to create beautiful gifts for your loved ones. Getting flowers from the grocery store is an easily accessible option, but don’t overlook flower or farmer’s markets. Those places typically have a higher quality selection of flowers.

Jewelry Making

Do you get a little discouraged searching for the exact piece of jewelry you want? Why not channel that frustration into making your own pieces? Plus, if people love what you create you might be able to make money from this hobby.


Do you know how you feel when you get a beautifully crafted wedding invitation in the mail? Sure these are printed most of the time now, but what if you knew how to create that look by hand? You could make your own invitations to your dinner parties, make your own place settings, or use this skill to create your own art. Also, this is another skill that people will pay top dollar for. If you love doing it, you could make some extra money creating for other people.


If you have a good amount of energy and enjoy the limelight, trying your hand at acting could be fun for you. See if improv is your thing or if you prefer the full-on production of a stage play by seeing what’s available in your area. If you want to get wildly creative, see about producing your own series or skits on YouTube.

fun hobbies for women in their 30s

Fun Hobbies For Feminine Women

Cooking and Baking

Everyone loves getting fresh baked goods and a home-cooked meal. Cooking and baking are great hobbies if you want to delight your tastebuds with your own creations. Knowing your way around the kitchen can also save you money from not having to go out to eat or order takeout for every meal. Also, you’ll be able to give some of your treats as a thank you or a welcome to the neighborhood gift.


If you have an eye for fashion and fit, sewing could be a good hobby for you. You’ll be able to create or alter your own clothes to make them one of a kind. Plus you may find that you love making something easier to create like pillow shams. This is another hobby that could turn into a lucrative side hustle if you want to take it there.


This ties active and artistic hobbies together. Homemaking is anything you do to make your home warmer and more inviting. Cleaning, cooking, baking, flower arranging, interior decorating, snd sewing can all be tied together with homemaking. Having a home that you enjoy and are proud of helps put your mind at ease. Plus, it makes your place the ideal spot for ladies’ night or a casual lunch.


Getting out of your element and experiencing what life is like for people around the world is a great way to expand your empathy and broaden your worldview. It is wonderful to visit resorts to relax, but make sure you mix in some of the local cultures too. You never know what you will discover. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to put those language-learning skills you might have to good use.

feminine hobbies for women in their 30s

Final Thoughts on Feminine Hobbies for Women in Their 30s

Hobbies are a key part of having an engaging life. They can foster your personal development and growth, help you meet new people and make new friends, unwind from a stressful week, or just have fun. Don’t let your personal obligations take up so much of your time that you cannot take time for yourself. That is a recipe for burnout. Hopefully one of these feminine hobbies for women in their 30s is perfect for you, but if you are looking for more these hobbies for women in their 20s might help.

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