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Gifts for the Traveler

By DeAndrea Douglas
gifts for the traveler

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for someone who loves to travel? Whether they’re an occasional weekend backpacker or a full-time globetrotter, there’s something out there for everyone. I either already have these items and have used them on my trips or want them for my next sojourn. There’s bound to be something here for the traveler in your life.

christmas gifts for people who travel a lot

01. Rolling Carry-On Bag // 02. Travel Laundry Bag // 03. Duffel Bag // 04. Packing Cubes // 05. Toiletry Bag // 06. Sunglasses Organizer // 07. Hotel Candle // 08. Power Plug Adapter // 09. Knit Sweater

Gifts for People That Travel A Lot

Rolling Carry-On Bag

This viral carry-on suitcase has a built in cup holder and and a stand for your phone. It also has a C port and a USB port for charging on the go. Any traveler knows how helpful those features are when you’re waiting for your departure or moving around the airport.

Travel Laundry Bag

I’m not a fan of mixing my clean clothes with my dirty ones. Ever. These travel laundry bags let me put aside my dirty clothes and underwear just like I’m at home. It makes it really easy to unpack too. Just undo the drawstring over your laundry hamper and all of your dirty clothes are in there. It’s like you’ve been at home the whole time.

Duffel Bag

I’ve talked about the best carry-on bags for women before and this one definitely just got added to the list. I love every color of this leather duffel bag, but the taupe is the one I’ve added to my cart. I love how it has the two zippered pockets on the outsides so it still has some sleekness and structure. It also has a luggage sleeve on it and those are so clutch when you’re briskly walking from one side of the airport to the other to catch a connecting flight.

Packing Cubes

I love these! Packing cubes keep everything in your suitcase neatly organized for the entire trip. Everything is exactly where you expect it to be and they make is easy to get settled once you arrive. Your traveler will appreciate how much more organized they’ll be on each trip.

Toiletry Bag

This toiletry bag opens flat at the bottom so it they will be able to unzip it on the bathroom counter and leave it there. Their toiletries and other items will be organized and easily re-packed when it’s time to go home.

Sunglasses Organizer

Most of us take more than one pair of sunglasses on a trip. Packing them in individual cases takes up precious space. A multi-pair sunglasses organizer will allow them to take the perfect pair of sunglasses for each of their outfits.

Hotel Candle

These aren’t just any candles. They are candles inspired by iconic hotels so even when they aren’t traveling they can make their home smell like the hotels they love.

Power Plug Adapter

Most international hotels only have one US power plug, if they even have that. Help them out but gifting them a universal worldwide power plug adapter. This one also has USB ports and a C port so it should meet all of their power and charging needs.

Knit Sweater

The temperature in airports, lounges, and planes can vary pretty widely. A seasoned traveler will have their go-to airport sweater so having another option is a very nice to have.