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Cozy Gifts for the Homebody

By DeAndrea Douglas
homebody gifts for people who like home

I love being at home. I don’t mind going out, but there is something special about being able to relax in a space you’ve curated to suit your exact version of cozy. I know I’m not alone so these are some great gifts for my fellow homebodies.

gifts for homebodies gifts for home

01. Sleep Mask // 02. Waffle Knit Robe // 03. Faux Fur Throw // 04. Teddy Bear Robe // 05. Aroma Therapy Candles // 06. Faux Fur Slippers // 07. Coffee Mugs // 08. Down Pillows // .09 Coffee Table Book

Gift Ideas for Homebodies

Sleep Mask

I like it to be pitch black when I’m sleeping. We have paper taped over the already dim alarm clock. That’s how dark The Mister™ and I need it to be for bedtime. I’ve tried a few sleep masks over the years and I’m telling you right now I’ve found the one. After I splurged on a Drowsy Sleep mask I finally found what I’d been wanting. The design is incredible, it doesn’t slip and it’s velcro so you can adjust it for a perfect fit. It goes over your ears too so it dampens sound. It doesn’t block it completely, but it’s enough to get the sleeping party started.

Waffle Knit Robe

I saw a post somewhere saying, “People who walk around the house in robes think they’re better than everyone.” I don’t know about being “better” than others, but robes are wonderful. I bought this Quince waffle knit robe a few months ago and have worn it every single day. It’s made of 100% organic long-staple Turkish cotton and is light-weight. I’ll need to get something heavier soon for the warmer months which brings me to my next gift idea.

Faux Fur Throw

A faux fur throw makes any room look a little more luxe. Gift them this to make their home an even more luxurious place to be. This one also comes in black, brown, pink, grey, and light blue.

Teddy Bear Robe

Who wouldn’t want to lounge around in a robe that feels like a cuddly teddy bear? I haven’t bought the Pottery Barn Teddy Bear Robe yet because I would probably only use it for 3.5 seconds here in Texas, but I still want it.

Aroma Therapy Candles

Why get only one candle when you can get 6? If you’re not 100% sure they will like a scent the solution is to give them options. This set of aromatherapy candles is sure to help them wind down and enjoy their alone time. The fig and cedar teakwood ones intrigue me. Plus, they’re made with soy wax for a cleaner burn.

Faux Fur Slippers

If you’re following me on Instagram you’ll see I practically live in faux fur slippers. It’s something about wearing “fur” on your feet that says relax. Even if your homebody already has a pair, it’s nice to have another color or a backup pair on deck for when they inevitably get too gross to revive.

Coffee Mugs

I’m sure my fellow homebodies have their favorite mug too, but I also have some I love that were gifted to me. I will warm up my almond milk in the frother to use these since you can’t put these mugs in the microwave. These mugs have a more minimal look if that’s what you’re giftee is into.

Down Pillows

If you’ve ever slept on a down pillow you’ll know why these are a great choice for a pillow. They’re so soft and malleable so they’re ideal for any sleeper, as long as they’re not allergic.

Coffee Table Book

If they love being home, they love coffee table books. Gift them one that won’t clash with their decor and may inspire their next home project.

Bamboo Sheets

We have used these sheets for our bed for over a year and have not a single regret. They are buttery soft and keep us a few degrees cooler each night.