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Gifts for the Fur Parent

By DeAndrea Douglas
christmas gifts for pet owners

If you’re looking for a what to get human children for Christmas this year I can’t help you. All I know is that most of them are in to gaming. If it’s not gaming it’s Taylor Swift. I don’t make the rules. Now if your child has four legs and visits the veterinarian I’ve got you covered here.

Christmas Gifts for Pets

christmas gifts for cats

01. Pom Pom Toys // 02. Bowl Set // 03. Collar // 04. Travel Carrier // 05. Catnip // 06. Litter Robot

Gifts for Cats

I’ve had a cat as a pet my entire life. Often multiple. Now that I’m in my own house I only have dog, but cats still hold a special place in my heart. Even though they have a lot of sass, they still deserve a nice treat.

christmas gifts for pets dogs

01. Bowl Set // 02. Waterless Shampoo // 03. Plush Toy // 04. Deodorizing Spray // 05. Collar // 06. Harry Potter Toy

Gifts for Dogs

I’ve had my dog, Chloe, in my life longer than I’ve known my husband. She’s as loyal as they come an is always looking to make me smile. Even though I still have to tell her that the doorbell isn’t going to hurt me, she (too) can have something nice for Christmas too.