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DeAndrea Douglas

breakfast quesadillas with sriracha

Breakfast Quesadillas

When you want breakfast tacos but not exactly tacos make breakfast quesadillas! The Mister™ and I gave this a try ...
deandrea douglas style influencer
Wardrobe Tips

Mastering Your Personal Style

I’ve been on a personal style kick here lately. I’ve been wearing nothing but basics and calling it timeless style. ...
spring wedding guest dresses 2024
Spring Style

Dresses To Wear to Weddings this Spring

Weddings are some of the only times we get to dress to the nines and for that reason, they’re some ...
popular skincare acids and how they work

Popular Skincare Acids and How They Work To Give You Clear Skin

I’ve had a pretty solid skincare routine for a few years. I rarely have a break out that can’t be ...
feel good

4 Ways to Feel Your Best All The Time

Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes you feel on top of the world like everything is going right and ...
vegan mediterranean salad with chickpeas

Vegan Mediterranean Salad with Roasted Chickpeas

I’m back with another installment of lunch ideas that won’t make you want to take a nap. This is a ...
combatting stress as a creator with a full-time job

How I’m Combatting Stress As A Creator with a 9-5 Job

Becasue I've got a dollar and a dream.
Interiors + Decor

5 Reasons Your Home Doesn’t Feel Cozy

A perfectly cozy atmosphere awaits.
whiskey paloma recipe

Whiskey Paloma

The simplest cocktail ever.
how to dress like a european
Wardrobe Tips

17 European Clothing Brands the Best-Dressed Women Swear By

And the award for best-dressed goes