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5 Astounding Ways Your Daily Outfits Determine Your Future

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Have you ever considered what people thought about you based on your appearance? Even better, have you paid attention to what you think about yourself based on how you’re dressed? You may be surprised at how something so simple as your daily outfits can determine your future. Our personal style is one way that we can be in control of the trajectory of our lives. How we dress subconsciously signals how we feel about ourselves, what we want to look like, and what we want to be seen as. The good part is that we have the ability to influence that message by making style choices that are thoughtful and fit the narrative we want to create about ourselves.

Why Your Daily Outfits Are Important

Whether you mean to or not, your clothing is going to say something about you to the world. Clothing and style are a form of communication. Style is its own language where the cuts, proportions, colors, textures, fit, and combination all combine to tell a story. It is important to be in control of that story so an unfavorable one can’t be projected onto you. You have heard the saying to “dress for success” and this is precisely what that means. If you are using your clothing to convey your status, desires, or goals they will be a lot easier to get than if you took a more laid-back approach to your daily outfits.

Fashion is a way to communicate ideas, values, and aspirations through clothes. Through our attire we announce who we are, what we care about, and where we belong – or aspire to belong – in society.

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Who You Attract or Offend

As you are building out your outfits you are saying what you might have in common with someone else. It is also possible that you are dressing outside of the norm to communicate a point too. That could repel some people and could also be a good thing. If your sartorial choices tell the story that you are and sophisticated woman with her life together women and men who are intimidated by that will steer clear.

How Seriously You Take Yourself

Your attitude and motivation can shift based on what you’re wearing. Getting dressed allows you to show up for who you want to become, or what you want to get done. When you are in pajamas you want to lounge or sleep. If you are in leggings or sweats you probably want to relax or go to the gym. When you are in business casual you are more likely to be in the mood to work. Your daily outfits are going to decide a lot about how your days go. If you want to meet up with friends or run cute errands, dress the part. If you want to be taken seriously, dress the part. Dress for how you want each day to go.

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How You Will Carry Yourself

Your daily outfits can make you act in a way that matches your look. If you are wearing a button-up blouse with all of the buttons done up that looks very formal and may cause you to pay more attention to your manner of speaking and posture. If you’re wearing a maxi skirt you may adopt a more devil may care and relaxed attitude. How you dress can change the outcome of your day based on the way you’re acting.

Choose your personal presentation with care. Presentation includes not only your clothes, but your accessories, hairstyle, fragrance, posture, body language, tone of voice, and the level of energy with which you move and speak. Think of the person that you need to be in any particular situation. Then dress, groom and accessorize in a way that helps you mentally step into that personality.

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What You Envision Your Future Lifestyle To Be Like

When you buy clothes you aren’t getting them to wear right this moment. You are getting them to wear at some point in the future. The kinds of daily outfits you build eventually become who you want to dress like. Having a firm understanding of who you want to show up as makes you more secure in what you want to explore or express to the world in the way that you want. You are allowed to take up space and look the way that you want to no matter the room you walk into.

What You Want To Remember About Your Past

There are certain elements of a time or place that leave an impression on you. Your clothes can help you remember them. For example, if you remember seeing your mother wear a string of pearls that made her look regal when you were younger you may adopt a string of pearls (or pearl earrings) for yourself when you are an adult. Seeing your mother in that light left a mark on you and wearing pearls is familiar and helps you remember it.

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Why Style Matters

Clothing is so much more than just the things you put on every day to cover the important parts. Clothing manages your moods and helps you feel better about yourself. Don’t sell yourself short by dressing in a way that is contrary to your goal. Make sure that you are taking every opportunity to show the world who you are when you’re getting dressed.

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