Spring Shoes on My Radar

By DeAndrea
spring summer shoes 2024

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter you know that I’m trying to make getting dressed fun again. I was pretty narrowly focused on buying only practical items that could be worn multiple times and seamlessly integrate with my other pieces. As a result of my changing sizes and taste, my wardrobe has gotten boring. I don’t like to spend frivolously so I’m now in a window shopping phase where I try to look at all of my options and pick the best one. Why must I do this, you ask? Because I am tired of having cheaply made things that fall apart after 2 wears and nice things typically cost more.

By no means do I have ultra-luxury designer shoe money, but I’m willing to spend more than I would normally feel comfortable buying before. These shoe picks are from my version of a mid-range brand so each option is under $250. I’ve had or tried on a pair of shoes from these brands before, so I already have a feel for their quality and feel like it would be money well spent. We’ll see if I ever get around to buying a pair. It’s been too easy to talk me out of a purchase lately.

My shopping philosophy right now goes against rules two and four for not spending money on useless things. I have a limited number of wardrobe items that are all basic and versatile which makes getting dressed every day boring. I want to have fun getting dressed and putting together outfits so that means I’m going to get some things that are just plain fun to me.

Rhinestones in the daytime used to be faux pas and might still be to some, but I don’t care. I want a style that’s all mine and makes me happy. While I’d love to buy every shoe on this list I won’t be going spend crazy on the credit card. I still care more about my financial health than what I’m wearing, but there is room for both.

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